May 30, 2022

Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

The last time I stayed in this hotel was in 2005. Coming back here now, I am quite impressed at how well they maintain the hotel.  I think the bathroom gone through some renovations work, other than that all are still quite similar.

Our room is clean and quite spacious. However my the view this time is facing the Api-api Centre.  Last time was facing the sea.

The bathroom is a bit small.

The breakfast spread was reasonable. The nasi lemak was good, not too spicy, had it for 3 days in a row.

The lobby area.

View from the main entrancce, facing the sea.

May 15, 2022

Medical checkup, blood test and brain scan

I did another round of blood test this year. Last year I skipped.  The headache is back, so it is time for another doctor visit.

On Thursday, I took a day off and went for my medical checkup.  There were so many people, after waited about 20min, I was called in, a lady Doctor (Dr Catherine) attended me.  I explained about my headaches and shortness of breath.  After asking if I had covid before, which I informed her that I never got it, then ahe advised me to take blood test and do brain scan.  I did both.

After taking my blood and did the scan, I went home and wait for their call.

On the way home, I stopped at a coffe shop and had a heavy breakfast at 11am. I was so hungry.

At 4pm I received the call to collect my test result, was told that I can go anytime since the hospital is open 24 hours. This is one of the thing I like most about Borneo Medical Centre. 

I went there at 7pm to collect my result.  This time I was attended by a male doctor.  He informed that my heamoglobin count was too low, at 8.1.  But the good news is that my brain scan is clear, no signs of tumor, and my sugar and cholesterol level both are ok.

The doctor also advised my to take Thalasetamia study. Which I might in another few months.  I dont want to draw more blood on that same day.

Here’s my medication pills.  The doctor advised to take the iron pill 2 days in a row and skip 1 day, continue in that cycle.  The folic acid can be taken daily. Either take it in the morning or at night after meal.

I take it at night after dinner, I’ve tried iron pill before in 2019 ands 2020 but it makes me nauseous.  This time I have taken it for 2 nights, so far so good. Shortness of breath especially after going up (1 tangga je) is not noticeable, that’s huge for me.

Fingers closed, My heamoglobin level will be back to normal soon ๐Ÿ™

My last blood test was in Oct 2020, and the previous one in 2019.

April 26, 2022

Renew ATM card

Setiap kali datang ke tempat ni mesti rasa macam nak mengamuk.

Kalau boleh memang saya sedaya upaya akan elak buat urusan di bank secara physical. Paling convenient kalau dapat buat online. Nak harap call centre, yang tu lagi teruk.

Kali ni terpaksa jugak jejak kali ke cawangan ‘terdekat’ sebab nak renew ATM card, atau namanya glamour nya Debit Card; saya tak pernah pun guna function debit tu, nak kad untuk ATM je dan takda expired date macam dulu boleh tak?!

Sebenarnya kad saya dah expired end of last year, tapi masih dapat guna sampai la ke bulan lepas. Memang dah tak dapat nak cucuk duit dah. Saya dah apply renewal online.

Tapi dapat message ni.

Hais, yesterday dah hari gaji, kad pulak dah expired.  Terpaksa jugak la ke bank hari ni.  Kalau dah ke bank, memang tak sah la kalau tak tunggu sampai lebih dari satu jam.  Tak suka tau menunggu kat bank, macam aku pulak yang berhutang kat engkau ye?

Ni lepas 5 tahun nak datang lagi la pulak. Isk tak suka.