March 23, 2024

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund is what make me agreed with hubby suggestion to have the 1st leg of our holidays in Shanghai. And of cause the 1 year free visa between Malaysia and China play a big role too. 

From the google images, I was so amaze by the view at The Bund. I always like places with water be it a river, seaside, waterfall, as long as its not too hot. So with the view of the waterfront overlooking at those big modern structure, while at the opposite site the traditional weatern building, The Bund is really a must visit in Shanghai. We even picked our hotel as near as to The Bund that we can afford. 

So during our 5 days holiday in Shanghai, we went to the Bund 3 times. it was my 1st time in Shanghai, and 3rd for hubby, the previous 2 were a layover for his working trip. 

The 1st time we went on Saturday night at 8pm. there were so many people we cannot enjoy the view with such a huge crowd.

The next day we came back again, this time a bit late, we were happy to see not too many people around. getting ready for the photos, the clock sound indicate 10am and the lights on Oriental Tower also went off on 10pm sharp. Noooo we cannot take photos without the Oriental Tower lights, right?!  Shanghai, why you sleep so early?

The next morning, we went for an early walk around 7am at The Bund.  Now we can have the place all to ourselves.  Took tons of photos, hubby did his morning run, while I captured as much photos as possible while soaking in the beautiful senery right in front of my eyes.  Bwfore this can only see this view in some Chinese drama.

The Bund is indeed a beautiful place to visit.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

March 16, 2024

Atour Hotel Shanghai Bund Nanjing East Road, Shanghai

I would also like to give a big shoutout to Atour Hotel for their amazing staff, free laundry, and great service overall.

We stayed for 3 nights at Atour Hotel, The Bund, Shanghai. For me, this is the best hotel, in terms of services, that I have stayed in so far. You can have all the drinks in the fridge, Cola, Iced Tea, plain water, and even request for refill if you like. And the front counter, whenever you go and talk to the staff, they will immediately serve hot tea or lemon drinks for you, they even gave us warm mineral water in bottles when we departed for the airport early in the morning. 

And the best part is the free laundry. You just have to bring your clothes to the laundry room, put them in the washer, and all the detergent and softener are provided. The helper will move your clothes from the washer to the dryer and even help to fold your clothes. I was so surprised. It was really convenient with the cold and rainy weather in Shanghai in March, this free laundry service is so much needed and it's so good to have warm fresh clothes anytime. The laundry room is open 24 hours, but the helper might not be there all the time, so sometimes you still need to fold your own clothes ya.

We were even granted an early check-in.  We arrived around 10am and were allowed to go in our room right away, how amazing.

Our room got a balcony, but with the cold weather, we didn't get to enjoy the balcony. Would be nice to have a skip of hot tea or coffee there during spring or autumn, summer night would be nice too.

Breakfast was good, the best part was they served pig's ears... hahahaha, happy me, hubby and kids not so happy, who cares, they can have other food what..

The only not-so-good part was that our taxi driver could not find the main entrance when we 1st arrived there. After turning twice around the block, he just dropped us at the back entrance, there's a sign showing Atour Hotel there, we thought we were scams. We went next door to ask for directions, luckily it is just around the other corner. Haiya.. why la the taxi driver like that.

View of the hotel entrance from the main road.

Our vlog

The location.

January 11, 2024

I burned my hand

I am never gonna fry any keropok lekor anymore.

The unfortunate incident happened on 24th Dec 2023 at my kampung house.  Everyone was joyfully preparing for Christmas.  I wanted to prepare something for our teabreak, fried keropok lekor it is.  However, the keropok lekor literally exploded in the wok, startling even my father who was having his afternoon nap at that time woke up due to the loud sound.  That's how it's all happened.

I ran my hand under the tap, but there was a disruption of water supply in our kampung on that day, so I only did this for less than 10 minutes when it should have been done for more than 15min or 30min.

Serious sakit weh.  My sister hurried outside to get a fresh aloe vera, I apply on it and it does help in cooling it a bit.  But still painful.

Me and hubby drove to 3 clinics in Bau town, but none were open, it was also 4pm on Sunday, and Christmas eve some more. what do you expect?  Luckily the farmacy is open.  Hubby purchased a cream and painkiller.  I quickly took 1 of the painkiller, and can really felt the reduction in pain.

I applied the cream, and the pain became bearable with no sign of burn blisters, so we thought it just a 1st degree burn.  Wrong.

On 25th Dec, Christmas Day, I got hubby to help me prepare steam fish, I try to keep my hand dry.  And Christmas went on as usual.  At noon, I noticed bubbles forming, more in the evening.  Damn, it's turned out be a 2nd degree burn, but no pain, just uncomfortable, so the celebration continue.

I return to work on 26th Dec, well cuti tak approve, malas nak cerita part ni.  It was so uncomfortable working with these open injuries, so at noon I went to BMC, seeking for medical attention from the not-so-friendly Skin Specialist.  Got antibiotics, cream and pink wash liquid.

27th Dec, I wrapped my injured hand, and went work as usual.

On 30th, I visited another Skin Specialist in Tabuan.  Thankfully, I found the right doctor.  Friendly staff, useful advice, hi-tech equipment.  Got cream and clear liquid wash from there.

4th Jan, my 2nd session at the Tabuan clinic. Kulit aku kena kopak, sakit weh.

And 11 Jan, I had my last treatment and my skin is almost back to normal. Almost.


Christmas Day

At office

Last Healite session.

Almost there.

Some advice from friends and family that I managed to follow:

1. Solve - Intensive Skin Repair Cream

2. Evening Primrose Oil - I bought from Cosway

3. ELG6 from Elken

4. To avoid ikan haluan essence, cause fast healing will produce not-good-looking skin.  Not sure mitf or fact.

5. To avoid prawn, it can cause itchiness.  But I still take, itchy but i can control myself with the help of the Solve cream.

6. To avoid soy sauce, will produce dark new skin.  hmm.. I still take la.

It was such a painful experience, 1st few days I was sill blaming myself for such a stupid mistake and on so many ways that I can avoid this from happening.  But, itu lah kata orang, benda kalau dah nak jadi pasti akan jadi.  

Whatever it is, I will not fry keropok lekor again, and don't ever use tongs when deep frying.

My new enemy.