November 23, 2021

2 steps forward 1 step back

I drafted this post a few months ago. Now I am a happier person. Yes, time heals. 

Hidup ini macam roda bah, sekejap kita di bawah, sekejap kita di atas, tapi masih juga parts kereta yang paling bawah roda ni, kalau saya pilih jadi bumbung kereta, nanti kena taik burung pulak. Kalau pilih jadi tempat duduk, nanti asyik cium burit orang saja. Takpa lah, jadi saja roda dulu.


Our organization did a job rotation exercise recently.  Few of the staff involved in the job rotation, including me.

Although I did fill in the job rotation request, I didn't get the post that I wanted; the post that I wanted is still vacant for now.  I was moved to a different unit, which I have no experience of whatsoever. But at least it is still in the same department.

At 1st I was skeptical, all sorts of questions running through my head, am I not good enough, am I going into cold storage?  

Whatever is it, I am sure the management has their own reasons for making the decision.

On the bright side, I had been in the same unit for about 11 years, maybe it's the right time for me to change, maybe I am running out of new ideas by sitting in the same position for so many years.  It is time to explore and learn new things.  Take it like going to college but in a fast track manner while getting paid, isn't that great?

I find myself enjoying the learning process. I see things differently.  The downside of learning new things is that you kind of depend on the information provided by the previous holders.  You might make mistakes along the way, you need to put on a thicker face (bawwa muka tebal) to ask around before you are able to stand on your own.

and I stabble across this.. Why taking a step back is the best decision for career and personal growth

The content resonates well with me, even though I am not thinking of changing jobs for now.  But the dilemma and advice and the insight are what I needed at the moment.

I am sure these all will pass in no time. I just wanted to write it down, so that I can be reminded of how I feel at this moment in time.

"In a motivational slump, you feel disappointed, question your enthusiasm for your job and feel guilty that you're not performing to your full potential.

Everyone will inevitably experience a period of low energy, feeling removed from their work and would rather be on vacation or on the couch watching Netflix."

Now I am adjusting well.  I thank you for the opportunity.

Last year's photo while working from home (at my front porch)

November 10, 2021

Senchiru Izakaya, Kuching

One of the best non-halal Japanese Restaurants in Kuching.

Located in Saradise, BDC new town, Senchiro Izakaya served a wide variety of affordable Japanese food.

This is considered quite a new restaurant in Kuching. Open about 2 years ago, then the MCO, so we didn't have a chance to go and try.

We finally went there yesterday for our dinner. I was not that hungry as I already had a boba tea earlier in the office.  So I opted for something light.

Buta Avocado - RM16

I loved it.

Hubby ordered Urayaki Buta Noodle in Buta soup based, RM18. Even though it didn’t taste as authentic as what we had in Japan, the soup taste more on the sweeter side, and the noodle still a bit too hard (maybe that is why they called it noodle rather than ramen), but it is still good value for our money.

And a pot of hot green tea at RM4.

Will definitely be back to try out more, I saw quite a selection of interesting lists on their menu. 

Plus they have an outdoor eating space, which is an important criteria for us when choosing our dining place. We try to avoid indoor restaurants as much as we can.  Even though some may say "it’s the same la, aircond or not still risky" but that's another story for another day.

October 26, 2021

Sebab Sayang

Dua perangai pelik pada diri saya yang saya sendiri tak suka.

Pertama, beli makanan mahal-mahal, lepas tu simpan lama-lama sebab sayang nak makan.  Last-last expired. Ha.. padan muka aku.

Contohnya makanan yang mahal and rare dari Japan.

Contoh pelbagai jenis kacang yang sangat sedap di Nishiki Market, Kyoto.

Kedua, beli baju cantik-cantik, simpan, sebab sayang nak pakai, konon nak tunggu special occasion. Last-last berat badan naik, baju pun dah tak muat. Ha.. padan muka lagi.

Ada la dlm 3-4 pasang baju, yang harganya beratus jugak, yang menerima nasib yang sebegini.

Tabiat buruk yang perlu dibuang.