March 30, 2021

Perodua Ativa

Last Saturday, I went to Perodua to service my old Perodua car.

And there's a Perodua Ativa in the showroom.  Boleh tahan cantik kereta ni, harga start from RM63k. Berbaloi la jugak.  I prefer Ativa compared to X50, cuma saya kurang minat dengan transmission type nyer pulak, kenapa takda yang manual? (correct me if I am wrong).

Tengok gambar je lah, kalau nak beli, kena lah test drive dulu.

March 16, 2021

In My Kitchen | Veggies

Even though I seldom cook at home, but I have this habit of keeping stock of veggies at home.  I like to have it in the fridge just-in-case I wanted to cook something up.

Here's what I normally have..

1. carrot - for fried rice, chicken soup, mixed veggies

2. tomato - for curry, beef stew, bolognese sauce, canned sardines, tomato egg

3. cabbage - can be stored longer

4. broccoli - also because it can be stored longer

5. sawi or any type of green leaves - for Maggi, veggie soup

6. lotus root

7. white radish or pumpkin

8. sweet potatoes

9. normal potatoes - for curry and stew

After practicing these for more than 10 years now, I find that there are flaws in my planning.  Now I think I don't need to have all these veggies with me all the time.  Reasons?

1. 80% of the veggie will sure go to waste, like I said, I seldom cook.

2. I can always go and buy and have the freshest veggie that I can get, more nutritious that way.  They are all within 1km away from my house.

3. End of last year, a new mini-market just open up in my area, it is on my way back from work, I can easily stop by to get the veggie supply if I am feeling like cooking for dinner on that day.

4. Lately I see that veggie price is going up, a normal packet of green leaves veggie used to cost RM 2-3 now is about RM 5-6.

Veggies at supermarket, not cheap you know.

So, after all this thinking, I am going to replan my shopping list. Less fresh veggie stock at home.  The same goes for my canned food, junk food, any other food stock at home.

March 8, 2021

Hokkaido 2019 | Otaru

Otaru town is famous for its fresh seafood.  The 1st thing we did when we reach the town was to look for a seafood place or to be exact, a sashimi place, if possible a fish market.  Luckily we found this Sankaku-fish-market.  Because it already quite late in the afternoon, most of the stalls were already closed for the day.  Thank goodness there are some that were still open.

We quickly grab our seats and ordered our food.  This is where my love for Kaisendon begins..
The Kaisendon portion was huge and it was so fresh, ohh soo good.

After the satisfying meals, we went around the town for more photos opt.  Of coz, we need to visit the Otaru Canal and captured as many photos as we can there.

We left Otaru town slightly before 7pm, I can still clearly remember the beautiful sunset on that day.