March 23, 2024

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund is what make me agreed with hubby suggestion to have the 1st leg of our holidays in Shanghai. And of cause the 1 year free visa between Malaysia and China play a big role too. 

From the google images, I was so amaze by the view at The Bund. I always like places with water be it a river, seaside, waterfall, as long as its not too hot. So with the view of the waterfront overlooking at those big modern structure, while at the opposite site the traditional weatern building, The Bund is really a must visit in Shanghai. We even picked our hotel as near as to The Bund that we can afford. 

So during our 5 days holiday in Shanghai, we went to the Bund 3 times. it was my 1st time in Shanghai, and 3rd for hubby, the previous 2 were a layover for his working trip. 

The 1st time we went on Saturday night at 8pm. there were so many people we cannot enjoy the view with such a huge crowd.

The next day we came back again, this time a bit late, we were happy to see not too many people around. getting ready for the photos, the clock sound indicate 10am and the lights on Oriental Tower also went off on 10pm sharp. Noooo we cannot take photos without the Oriental Tower lights, right?!  Shanghai, why you sleep so early?

The next morning, we went for an early walk around 7am at The Bund.  Now we can have the place all to ourselves.  Took tons of photos, hubby did his morning run, while I captured as much photos as possible while soaking in the beautiful senery right in front of my eyes.  Bwfore this can only see this view in some Chinese drama.

The Bund is indeed a beautiful place to visit.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

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Twilight Man said...

I love the Bunds too and walked every night there during Winter months. The crowd was lesser as the cold wind blew onto my face. Good memories.