October 22, 2018

WAK2018 | Art Street Kuching

Before going to this event, I try to search for the event details, yes I know that this is a part of the big What About Kuching festival that is going on at the moment, and yes there are bit and pieces of information uploaded on social media.  However, I just cannot imagine the flow of the program.

After a visit to Indah House on the 1st day of the event, I can conclude that the Art Street Kuching consists of 3 distinct program.

1st one is the Ruangseni, a mini-gallery with artworks, photography and short film screenings.  The mini-gallery takes place at Indah House, Upper China Street, Kuching.  The gallery is open to public from 22nd to 28th October 2018.

Short Film Screenings

2nd is the Street Theatre, which only takes place on 21st and 27th October 2018, from 7pm to 9pm.  Artist performing include:
"Nikal Pulai" by Ardilla Latif, Walid Ali, Qawiem Hamiza.*

“River” by the ‘Talents and the Performing Art Centre’*

"Wanderer" by Derek Kho*
 *Information and photos from https://www.facebook.com/artstreetkch/

Upper China street will be closed to give way for Street Theatre show.

Last but not least is the Sketch Hunt 2018.  This program is organised by Urban Sketchers Kuching. Here, a group of 2-4 team members will be given a set of question and they need to go around within walking distant to search and sketch the answer on the papers that were provided to them.

Sketch Hunt is an interesting program that can be developed into something bigger like the Heritage Run.  I am sure many would love to join this activity if it was promoted well and with lower entry fees maybe.  This time, they are charging RM60 per team.  Personally I think the prize is not a major factor;  by joining this hunt, you will get to discover more about the history of our beloved city - Kuching.

Sketch Hunt registration counter at Indah House Kuching.

Art Street Kuching in Upper China Street is an art-oriented community experience in-conjunction with What About Kuching Festival. What About Kuching 2018, a 1-month-long festival, is a celebration of arts, culture and lifestyle. 

 For info on the festival, do visit https://aboutkuching.com/

October 20, 2018

WAK2018 | Cardboard City

Today is the 1st day of the Cardboard City event going on at Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kuching.

We were there earlier today, Eugene and Emmett had so much fun exploring the model city.  Here you will see how recycled cardboard were transformed into an architectural spatial experience.  Besides the cardboard models on display, there are many other exciting activities going on such as: Pinata Workshop, Paint In The City, Little Planter, and many more.

This is a 2 days event, starting from 10am till 6pm, if you cannot make it today, make sure to stop by tomorrow, it's your last chance.  Do bring your children along, they would love it!

To infinity and beyond.

I see a space station.

The winner of Cardboard Pavilion Competition.

Infinite Loop Pavilion 

Kids really enjoy themselves.

Pinata Workshop

Fun filled activities.

Photo booth by BorneoTalk at the entrance.

Eugene exploring the movable cardboard columns - 'Breaking The Screen' is a cardboard pavilion designed with a mechanism of movable columns aimed to encourage children to reconfigure the structure and break apart the screen that divides them, allowing the children to interact with the structure itself in order to play in and with it together.

Cardboard City is one of the many events line-up in-conjunction with What About Kuching 2018.  What About Kuching is a 1-month-long festival, a celebration of arts, culture and lifestyle.

For info on the festival, do visit https://aboutkuching.com/

October 7, 2018

A reserved snail

Emmett: Mom, is this snail reserved?
haha 😂 😂😂

October 5, 2018

Eugene is 12

My boy is 12! sob sob, ok Mummy, don’t get emotional, this post is not about you, it’s about Eugene.

So, on his birthday, Eugene did not want any present from Mummy, instead he wanted to choose his own breakfast, lunch and dinner place and menu.  Ok boy, that’s an easy fix.

Happy Birthday, Eugene. Mummy loves you.

Kitto as wanted to join the group photo :D

P/s: His ambition (as of the month) is to be a vet by day and a chef by night.

October 3, 2018

UPSR 2018

Maka berakhirlah sudah episode UPSR 2018.

Rasa nyer zaman sekarang, anak-anak yang menduduki  exam,  parents yang over nervous. Anak cool jer memanjang.

Syukur semuanya berjalan lancar sepanjang 4 hari peperiksaan, sekarang hanya mampu berdoa dan pasrah menunggu keputusan.

This is only the 1st step, you still have a long way to go, my son.  Jangan kecewa sekiranya keputusan tidak seberapa; jangan lah angkuh sekiranya keputusan cemerlang.

P/s: I can’t even remember my own Primary 6 Exam, result pun tak ingat dah.