April 30, 2012

Aktiviti sebelum tidur

Mereka yang tengah seronok bermain game Transformers...

Eugene at 5 years 7 months and
Emmett at 2 years 8 months

April 23, 2012

Battleship (2012)

Ramai juga yang dah tengok cerita ni.
Kami pun tak ketinggalan, pergi tengok masa premier weekend tu jugak.
Mula try kat MBO, kol 11am+  barisan dah panjang.
Card MBO pulak tak cukup credit, nak reload tapi counter reload tutup, buat panas betul.

Kami pun pasrah jer ke Star cineplex, takut nanti anak-anak frust pulak.
Ye la cerita ni kan creator of Transformer yang buat, seronok la mereka.
Banyak  bunyi-bunyi and alien yang nampak agak serupa dengan Transformers dalam tu.

Bab yang kurang menarik - ada Rihanna pulok,
suara dia kalau nyanyi bukan main rock, tapi kalau cakap..macam kartun pun ada jugak,
2x5 dengan ratu rock kita - Ella.
Jalan cerita agak biasa, from zero tu hero camtu la..

Tapi apapun saya masih prefer U571, memang tiada tandingan!

Home improvement 2012

My wishlists; some are new and some were carried over from 2009...
  1. Oven (just bought it recently)
  2. Hood
  3. Paint window pane
  4. Rearrange dvds
  5. Sewing for kids pants
  6. Plant eggplant in the pots.
  7. New single bed for Eugene, maybe something like this..Pic from archzine.org

April 17, 2012

In my kitchen #7

prawn + eggplant

broccoli + chives + mushroom

kembung + tenggiri

kembung + udang

April 16, 2012

Emmett @ 2 years n 8 months

New Vocab:
So-a-bean (Soya Bean)
Se-te-dy (Steady)
Letop (laptop)

'E' selalu tukar jadi 'O':
Mesti - mosti
Internet - intonet

  • Can ride a bicycle (with 2 extra small wheels at the back)
  • Only wear diapers at night.
  • Keen in learning colors, he will keep on asking 'what color is this?', now he knows red and green.
  • Can play cake's game in purble place.

Fav song:
Baby baby baby ooohh

The Interview

A year ago...

Interviewer : Do you have a facebook?
Candidate A : Yes

Interviewer : How many fans do you have?
Candidate A : I don't have any fans, just friends, few hundreds of them.

Interviewer : Why do you want to have a facebook?
Candidate A : To keep in touch with my friends.

Interviewer : Are you married to your work or your family?
Candidate A : I'm married to my family.

Interviewer : Do you blog?
Candidate A : Yes.

Interviewer : Why do you blog?
Candidate A : It's my hobby.

Interviewer : How many blogs do you have?
Candidate A : A few.

Interviewer : What is your push factor?
Candidate A : errr...push factor?

Your Excellency..

Happy Monday everyone..

I started my day with a meeting early in the morning with
Ambassador of Germany to Malaysia.

It's always nice to hear the 1st hand experience from an experienced traveler.

April 13, 2012

Angry Birds pillowcase

I sew our 1st pair of homemade pillowcase.What best to start with other than my sons' favorite characters...Angry Birds.
Actually Eugene requested for a Transformers design, but can't find it here in Kuching,
so we just settle on Emmett's choice than..

These are quite easy to make except the inner fold, which I think a bit challenging for the 1st trail. Nonetheless after some imagination and re-stitches, I managed to get the desired result.
The trick is stitch the inner fold last.

Now I'm working on their blankets with the same design.

Rag Area Rug

This is going to be my next project...

April 10, 2012

Eugene @ 5y7m

Fav food and drinks:
Roti canai susu
Roti canai tisu
Bak kut teh soup
Kolok mee
Kueh teow soup
Crispy tomato mee
Chicken at Kenny Rogers
Air bandung

He gets very moody when the internet connection is down... Budak2 IT sekarang...

My spending - KL day trip

Marrybrown KIA - rm2.80
Taxi: Klia - megan avenue - rm74
Putra: Ampang park - kl sentral - rm2.00
Komuter: Kl sentral - midvalley - rm1.00
Tgi Friday - rm70.55
Isetan - rm189.70
Jusco ladies dpt - rm229.80
Jusco children dept - rm228
Nyonya colors - rm2.80
Jusco supermarkets - rm25
Taxi: Midvalley - putrajaya- klia rm100
Klia - rm50
Parking KIA - rm19

April 5, 2012


The Gardens

Ralph Lauren @ Midvalley