October 19, 2016

Emmett's sketches #8 | Snorlax

Emmett's version of a skinny Snorlax.

Mom filling in colors.

This is how the actual Snorlax looks like.

October 18, 2016

Toilets in Japan

Viewer discretion is advised.

We often hear people brag about how clean and hi-tech the toilets are in Japan.  From what I experience in Kansai, the rumors are all true.  Lets see our washroom adventure in Japan..

1st encounter, toilet at the lobby of New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto.

2nd, toilet in our room at New Miyako Hotel.

3rd, toilets at Isetan, Kyoto Station.  This is the most hi-tech toilet among all that I've visited.  You can turn on the music (sound of flowing water), and can even control the volume.  To flush, you just have to wave your hand at the sensor on the side.

4th, toilet in our room at Fujiya Hotel, Osaka.  Small but clean.

 5th, toilet at Osaka Aquarium.  This one also got music/sound.

6th, toilet in our room at New Hankyu Hotel, Osaka.  This toilet is very similar to the one in New Miyako Hotel, just an order version.

Last but no photo, toilet in Kansai Airport.
What do these toilets have in common?  They are all clean, dry and have warmer/heated seat, water jet, bidet, and even deodorizer.

And what do you think of this automatic soap dispenser at the foodcourt in Aeon Mall, Kyoto?

October 17, 2016

Not enough grave

At school, while waiting for Eugene to finish class..

Emmett: Mom, if somebody gets old and die, than the children will grow up, and then gets old too, and then it continues like that?
Mummy: Yes.
Emmett: Then, there will be not enough grave for them.
Mummy: Exactly, son.  Soon there will be not enough land to buried the dead.
Emmett: oh no!

That's how deep our conversation today.

October 14, 2016

Butter Coffee at Kai Joo Lane, Kuching

There's an old kopitiam selling delicious butter coffee in Kai Joo Lane, Kuching.

I don't know the name of the shop, but we called it 'Butter Coffee Kopitiam at lorong'.
Here's the cafe name if you can read these Chinese character.

There are limited seats in the kopitiam and this morning it was full-house.

This is the butter coffee that I'm talking about. I love it, creamy but not too sweet, just yummy. Cost RM1.80 per cup.

This kopitiam also selling kolo mee, toasted bread and boiled eggs.  This Kuey Teow only cost RM2.70

You can also order food from any other kopitiam along the Kai Joo Lane.  This roti canai I ordered it from a Muslim stall next door cafe, cost RM1 only, light and fluffy.

Am so happy with my breakfast this morning, here's my breakfast buddies for today.  Our new Japanese interns, only been here for less than a week, they were so impress with the coffee and the canai.

October 12, 2016

Facilities in Bako National Park

The HQ building, this is where you need to register once to reach Bako.

Kerangas Cafe at the HQ Building.


Our chalet for the night.  Cost RM75 per night stay.  With 2 big size rooms. 
Note that there's no electric kettle provided, so no point of bringing 3-in-1 drinks and instant noodle.  But rooms are equipped with a fridge, a clean tower per person, private bathroom, thin mattress and pillows.  Which is good enough for the price that we are paying.
Room 1
Room 2

October 5, 2016

Bahasa Primary 1

Do we really need this kind of question in Bahasa subject?!

October 4, 2016

Long and uneventful weekend

When others had an extra day off on Monday, my long weekend started from Friday.

It goes like this.. On Thursday noon I noticed some red spots on Eugene's face.  And I remember he had a mild fever the night before.  I straight away think, this must be chickenpox.  We waited for the clinic to open at 6pm and we went for his check-up and confirmed the infection.  The doctor gave him a 10 days Medical Leave, and lots of medications.

So, on Friday I took an emergency leave to stay at home with Eugene.  He seems fine other than a few red spots on his face and more on his stomach.  A bit of itchiness but nothing else.

On Saturday, we stayed at home most of the time. No swimming lesson for the kiddos.  I went for a not-so-relaxing-1-hour facial.

On Sunday, no Sunday class for them.  I am getting reckless, there's a lot of sales and promotions happening over the weekend, I need to go out.  Thanks to hubby and kiddos for driving Mummy around while they stayed in the car most of the time, and Mummy gets to do some fast track shopping.

I manage to cover, Vivacity, Boulevard, and CityOne. We did go to The Spring, but cannot find parking. My catch..

Does it look uneventful to you? I think I should change the title of this post :D

And I will be taking more leave this week to stay at home with Eugene.  Let just hope I wont end up somewhere else with more shopping bags in hand pulak.

October 3, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 19

Here's my Poke Gym adventure in Level 19..

Vaporeon CP 1453 at 4th Mile Food Avenue.

 Vaporeon CP 1492 at Priscilla Deco, MJC.

 Flareon CP 1171 at Surau Darul, Taman Desa Wira.

Vaporeon CP 1492 at The HQ.

October 1, 2016

Oh my facial

I am quite sad today.
Because I lost my fav facial place.

You see, I am a loyal customer to this one facial place not far from my house.  I went there for my facial since the 1st year of their operation.  I even have an on-going package with them which I already paid in full.

After 1 and half month of absent, I come back for my regular facial.  To my surprise, they have changed the owner, the management, the staffs or whatever you want to call them.  But the place is still the same old place la.

So with an open mind, I just lay down and let the lady do her work.

Everything was ok, except that there's no steam, no shoulder massage, no eyebrows trimming, no neck mask, which was suppose to be included in my package, I did not even say a word of complaint about it.  I just think - new management, new style.

But what I really cannot stand was when she lecture me on using my phone while waiting for the mask to dry out.  Here's the thing, the mask takes about 25min to dry, the music was too loud, they were playing some pop songs instead of the usual relaxing music which I normally listen to at any other spa. How am I suppose to sleep!!

She told me, on and on, how using phone while on face mask is bad for my complexion. I had to stop her, twice! (From what I see, her complexion is NOT any better than mine).

I know that they own some kind of beauty academy, but I am NOT your student, I am your customer!  When I said OK, you better stop talking.


Pokemon Go | Level 18

My Poke Gym entry at Level 18..
Vaporeon CP1453 at Friendship Garden, Jalan Song.

Vaporeon CP1453 at Koleksi Boneka Gadis Jepun, 101.

* I am at Level 21 now.