October 17, 2016

Not enough grave

At school, while waiting for Eugene to finish class..

Emmett: Mom, if somebody gets old and die, than the children will grow up, and then gets old too, and then it continues like that?
Mummy: Yes.
Emmett: Then, there will be not enough grave for them.
Mummy: Exactly, son.  Soon there will be not enough land to buried the dead.
Emmett: oh no!

That's how deep our conversation today.


Rose World said...

Thoughtful child.

suituapui said...

I hear Nirvana is selling little one-square-foot plots for ashes, last time, one could have big "bungalows" no more. Some places, they have tall buildings - little drawers for the ashes...pigeon holes like living in flats in the cities. LOL!!!

Ez Vina said...

Rose: kan..

Suituapui: dont laugh, this is serious problem :p

Sharon D said...

Smart! I think I just want my ashes to be thrown somewhere. :P