May 24, 2018

Emmett at 8 years 9 months

When picking him up from school.
Mummy: How was your Chinese test?
Emmett: It was so difficult, there's no subtitle!
*ko ingat ni drama cina ke nak?

In the car, Mummy is driving, the 2 brothers sit at the back.
Emmett: Ahh Ahhh!
Mummy: Emmett, what happened?
Emmett: Eugene is trying to eat me!
Eugene: I didn't do that.
Emmett: You bite my hand.
Eugene: No, I did not.
Emmett: There's your saliva on my hand.
Eugene: Ok, maybe I did.

Daily drama by my 2 boys.

Latest update: He got 61% for his Chinese paper.

May 20, 2018

Ming Cafe, Miri

Located right across the street from Mega Hotel, Ming Cafe opens daily, serving variaty of food from local to western cuisine, make it a not to missed cafe if you are in the area.

The only things that I dislike about this place is the smell of the parit; being an old part of the city, I’m sure the parit system needs some upgrading works.

Ok, let’s not talk too much about the parit, here’s what we had during our 4 days work visit in Miri.

Teh Tarik

Teh O Peng

Cordon Bleu

BBQ Pork Penyet.

BBQ Pork rice with Manicai egg.
Terjumpa rambut la pulak dalam manicai tu!

BBQ Pork rice

Soup tulang - RM8

On Sunday evening, while having dinner we had, there was a procession going on along the road.  Here's the short clip that I took.

May 15, 2018

Mega Hotel, Miri

I have stayed in this hotel a few time before.  It is an old hotel in the middle of Miri city.
The room are spacious, well, that's much I can say about this hotel.

Let's see the pictures of our room at the 3rd level.

Here's my breakfast spread during my 3 nights stay recently.

Day 1.

Day 2. 

Day 3. 

Eugene at 11 years and 8 months

Mummy: Eugene, how do you rate your happiness in life? 1 the saddest, 10 happiest.
Eugene: I don't know, how can I rate myself?
Mummy: Yes, you can. You know yourself more than others do.
Eugene: Ok then, 21.

Wow, he must be one happy boy; at that time he was holding his phone, if I take away the phone, I'm sure the rating will be negative :D

My big boy.

May 5, 2018

Foodcourt in Aeon Mall, Kyoto

Kehangatan Aeon Mall Kuching Central masih terasa, hari-hari aayik jem je kawasan tu, tapi hari ni saya nak cerita Aeon Kyoto, kita lupakan Aeon Kuching sebentar ya.

Aeon Mall Kyoto is located right next to New Miyako Hotel, use the carpark exit at New Miyako for nearer access rather than taking the main entrance of the hotel.

We had our meal in Aeon Foodcourt countless time during both our holidays in Kyoto.  Aeon Mall is a better option if you want to avoid the sea of crowd in Kyoto Station.

Here are the pictures of our tasty meal in Aeon Kyoto, from our Autumn 2017 visit.

Assorted tempura, and some kind for barley porridge.

Ramen, rice, katsudon, fried chicken, miso soup

And these yummylicous beef with rice.

A meal here cost around RM40 per set.

When you ordered, you will be given this device. The device will beep once your food is ready.

The 1st time we went there in Summer 2016, we were so sakai to see this automated soap dispenser.  Berkali-kali je anak-anak pergi cuci tangan.

Below are the pictures from our Summer 2016 visit.

Notice the different in photo's quality using iPhone 6 vs iPhone 8.