April 29, 2019

KL Trip, April 2019

I was in KL last week for work related trip.
Stayed in Bukit Bintang area for 3 nights.

Been 5 years since the last time I visited Bukit Bintang.
The area looks much more organised now that the MRT station is completed.
Our last time there, with all the construction work, the place was a mess.

Hello Pavilion.

Came back home on Saturday, here’s my conversation with my Emmett.
Me: Emmett, have you wash your container.
Emmett: ohh I didn’t use my container.
Me: What? You didn’t bring any bekal? What did you have for rehat? Makan angin?
Emmett: I bekal bun, the bun has plastic wrap, you know.
Me: I know. But your bun didn’t get penyet?
Emmett: No. I got penyet. That’s why I am so skinny.
Ohhh boy, I really miss his jokes whenever I am away.

April 19, 2019

Declutter | But what if I need it in the future

I have a confession to make, I think I am becoming a hoarder, our house is not in the stage that I want it to be. We have too much stuffs.  Maybe it's not as messy as those hoarders' house that we seen on tv, but it keeps in messing in my mind that I need a better system to manage my home.

I have been thinking hard.  I know there are many reason why people keep (hoard) their things.  But I have drilled down my problem to one. Which is "What if I need the stuff in the further?"

I've done some reading on issue specific to me, and find out that there are few possible reason why I have this kind of issue:
1. Having trust issue.
2. Afraid that I might not have 'enough' in the future.  But what is enough?
3. I lost something valuable in the pass.
4. Growing up poor, or still in a poor state.  Maybe a poor mind in my case :)
5. You want to ensure you have enough in the future. hmmm again, I need to define what is enough.

I have tried decluttered in the pass, decluttering my collection of disposable food containers, still struggling with it but in a more systematic way.  Sound like another hoarder excuse, right?

So, today I am throwing away 90% of the Eu Yan Sang empty glass bottles.

BUT what if I might need it in the future?! I will just have to buy more Eu Yan Sang product.

Btw, this is a not a Eu Yan Sang promotional post ya.  I just find that Eu Yan Sang use lots of good hard glass material (tu yang sayang nak buang tu), not sure whether that is good or bad for the environment.  Well, that's another topic for another day.

Next, I am going to digitalised all by receipt. No more physical files to keep all my hard copy receipts.

Your Home is a Living Space not a Storage Space!

April 10, 2019

In My Kitchen | Corelle

I finally purchased my 1st Corelle set last month.

And, 2 weeks later I got my 2nd set.

I want to promise myself, and write it down here that I won’t be ogling over any Corelle online anymore, at least not for another few months.

I don’t want to make it a hobby collecting all these kitchenware, so makcik-makcik.
I just want to use them.

Ok, since I have wrote it down, I hope I will keep this promise to myself. Now let me enjoy my Corelle ;)

Food looks better and taste better on Corelle. (Lies!)

April 1, 2019

Shazam (2019)

Yesterday, after the morning mass, we went to watch Shazam. 
What a great way to end the midterm school holiday. 

I wouldn't say that Shazam is a great movie. 
The movie feels like a kid show to me. 
But, boy, I really had a good laugh. 
The jokes were good and spontaneous. I love it. 

Due to work commitment, we were not able to go for our vacation, yet again. 
But we had a food hunt adventure around town for the whole week. 
Yes, we did discover some new and exciting restaurant. 
We also revisit restaurants that we almost forgot about their existence. 

Emmett: This is the best school holiday ever! 
Mummy: What? Not even our Japan trips can beat this? 
Emmett: Ok, let me rephrase. This is the best school holiday in Kuching we ever have.
I happy that my kids had a good time.

Happy back to school everyone!