April 10, 2019

In My Kitchen | Corelle

I finally purchased my 1st Corelle set last month.

And, 2 weeks later I got my 2nd set.

I want to promise myself, and write it down here that I won’t be ogling over any Corelle online anymore, at least not for another few months.

I don’t want to make it a hobby collecting all these kitchenware, so makcik-makcik.
I just want to use them.

Ok, since I have wrote it down, I hope I will keep this promise to myself. Now let me enjoy my Corelle ;)

Food looks better and taste better on Corelle. (Lies!)


Anonymous said...

HI..is that rosemarie?

can i know where did u purchase that set?

ive been looking for that design.

Ez Vina said...

Hi there, i am sooo new in this corelle thingy, I dont even know what is rosemarie��
I just browse and see the design that I like and within my price. Just purchase. From FB n insta.

Ez Vina said...

I mean, I do know what is rosemarie, but I am sure whether mine are rosemarie collection or not, didnt mention on the adv also.

Rose world said...

I havent got mine. Tempted to buy but they arent come in cheap.

Ez Vina said...

Ya, quite expensive, but sometimes got offer. I love the quality. So just buy some.