July 31, 2015

Apsara Centrepole Hotel, Siem Reap

The Apsara Centrepole is boutique hotel at the heart of Siem Reap.
What I like most about this hotel, besides the hi-speed internet of coz ;), is that, it's location in the middle of the most happening area in Siem Reap.  Walking distance from Pub Street, Central Market and Night market.
This hotel has 19 rooms and studios.
Hotel lobby n entrance area
Beautiful decor
Our welcoming lemongrass drinks and jackfruit sticky rice
 We were staying in a Terrace Suite.  The Terrace Suites are located on the second floor. They all feature en-suite (not so luxury) shower-room and toilet, controllable air-conditioning, wardrobe, writing desk and chairs.  We had 1 single (1.2m) beds and 1 queen-size (1.6m) bed. The Terrace Suites have a private rooftop terrace at the rear; perfect for private dining, sun-bathing and massage; plus a large private garden at the front.

The beds
The balcony
The washroom

The front area
 We had a wonderful stay at Apsara Centrepole boutique hotel, staffs are very friendly, food are tasty, location is the highlight, but the facility is a bit old.

July 24, 2015

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 2

At 1st we planned to go around 5.30am to catch the sunrise at the Angkor Wat.  Then again after careful thought, we end up going after we had breakfast at the hotel, which is around 6.45pm.

We wanted to have a good morning start for the kids, get them fully feed before started the journey.  A cranky kid is the last things that we need for a trip like this.

On Day 2: we visited all the places marked in blur circle
We skipped Angkor Wat and went straight to Ta Prohm.  When we reach Ta Phrom, we have to walk around 500 meters to get to the temple.  I love the shady n sandy path.

I love these huge trees.  They look dramatic but not scary at all.
There were major construction going on Ta Prohm. 

Then we stopped by at Ta Keo, the reconstruction of this temple is sponsored by China-Chinese team.

Next, the Chau Say Thevoda & Thommanom.

Next, Victoria Gate.

Then, The terrace of the Elephants; followed by The terrace of Leper King

South Gate

We went back to the hotel around 11am to have lunch and get some rest.  But before that our tuk tuk uncle had a surprise for us, he brought us to see Monkeys and Bats, the kids were so excited (that will be in another post).

We went back to the temples again at 3.30pm.  These time we went straight to Bayon.

Bayon is famous as the temple of many faces.  Some faces are smiling some just straight faces.  If you hired a guide, you will learn the meaning of behind these faces.  We did not hired any guide ourselves.  We just want to have a free n easy tour.

We went on the the top of Bayon temple, it is so breathtaking up there at sunset.  With only a few people around that time, we basically have the whole place all by ourselves.  We took our sweet time and captured all kind pictures with silly pose up there.

Before 6pm we start moving to have a last glimpse of Angkor Wat.
 I am so glad that we take some time off from our busy work life to visit this ancient city.  We dont know how long it can stand tall, or how far the modernization and restoration work will effect the place. We might even come back here again to explore more.  

The only temple that was initially in my itinerary that we did not get to see is Bakheang.  We decided to skip Bakheang for sunset considering the kids, they might not be able to climb to steep steps.  I am glad that we spent our extra time at Bayon.  It is such a majestic temple indeed.

See Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 1

July 23, 2015

Furama City Centre Hotel, Singapore

This is the worst hotel ever because there's no free wifi in the room.

Ok, I am kidding about the worst hotel, but not kidding about no free wifi, not even in the lobby area! What century are we living in?  We had a hi-speed unlimited internet access in our little Siem Reap hotel, helloo.
The lobby
The room

View from my room
The washroom
When there's no internet access, you need to study the map, manually.
What?! No movie channel?  Huhu.. dah la sorang2, takde channel best plak tu.

Other than the internet, the rest of the quality are all there.  Room are spacious for Singapore standard.  Location is great too, many food option, shopping area and most importantly, easy access to Chinatown MRT station - ada bumbung, takyah risau hujan or panas, sesuai untuk yang ada anak-anak kecil.

Senang je nak solve masalah internet pun, just get 1 of these packages:
M1 - sd5 for 1g data (3 days)
SingTel - sd15 100g data (7 days)
Berpatutan kan? Cuma malas nak tukar simcard je la.

July 22, 2015

Coffee Bean, Changi

I had a black forest mocha ice blended while waiting for my flight at Changi Airport, Singapore.
This cost me SD6.90, which is around RM19.50.  Sigh..everything is so expensive in Singapore when you convert it to MYR. Ohh my Malaysian ringgit.

July 21, 2015

Hana Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Kuching

This restaurant is located at Jln Keretapi, same row with the Bing! and Big Oven.

Our 1st time here, we had..
Katsu ramen
Salmon teriyaki ramen
Tempura prawn with rice
Salmon sushi (RM2.90 each) n sashimi.
Nice ambiance; food not bad too, the ramen not too salty, a bit mild but I like it, salmon is very fresh.

July 18, 2015

Din Tai Fung, Chinatown Point, Singapore

I had a yummylicious dim sum while in Singapore end of last month.

We went to Din Tai Fung around 8pm, and we had to wait for a vacant table.  When we were finally seated, many of their signature dish were already sold out.  Nonetheless I had a wonderful dinner with my cousins there, and tasted one of the of most delicious dim sum I ever had.

Here are some of the photos that I managed to capture.

Xiao Long Pau - these are so yummy, delicate dough skin, seriously melt in your mouth, best eaten with ginger in soya sauce/vinegar. 

Mini japanese cucumber (or zucchini?) in spicy sauce.

Wantan noodle soup
Duck roll

Great time with cuzzies.

I will sure to come back to Din Tai Fung if I see one.  Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant originated from Taiwan, now they have branches around the world.

July 15, 2015

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 1

We went to buy the tickets around 5pm.  We bought 2 adult tickets for the next day at USD20 each.

This is the ticket booth, go to the back of the booth if you want to purchase a single day tickets, the front booth is for 3 or 7 days tickets.

After 5pm you can enter the temple for free.  So we went to catch the sunset at Angkor Wat.
From the ticket booth to Angkor Wat, you will pass by these beautiful scenery..  People picnic along the moat.
The sky was beautiful n blue that evening.
Not too many people around the pond, very nice location for photoshots.  But the smell (maybe from the pond) was quite unbearable.

Emmett at Angkor Wat

Eugene at Angkor Wat

Daddy at Angkor Wat

Mummy at Angkor Wat

Us at Angkor Wat

Ok, sun is down, visiting time is over.  Lets go back, tomorrow we shall come again.

To be cont Angkor Wat, Siem Reap | Day 2

July 10, 2015

The Red Piano, Siem Reap

This restaurant opened in 2000, they serves Cambodia, Western, Belgian food.
Most importantly, this is The restaurant where Angelina Jolie hangout while filming Tomb Raider.

Actually this restaurant was not in my itinerary, but since the location is so strategically located at the main junction of Pub Street, you just cannot miss it, and it does have it own attraction.

We went there not just once but twice.  Once for afternoon tea break and another for dinner on the next day.

For our tea break..
The menu and the ambiance on the ground floor.  Angelina Jolie was here 15 years ago, but the 'heat' is still remains.

We had Khmer soup noodle, smoked salmon and carbonara - the carbonara is too sweet, sugar in carbonara?! Hmm

For our dinner..
We were seated upstairs since the ground floor were packed.  So this is where the Red Piano is stationed!

We had pork chop with blue cheese sauce, chicken fingers, and carbonara, this time the carbonara is even sweeter, Eugene can't even finished it.

Overall, food are ok, but the service can be better especially during dinner when it is full house.