July 8, 2015

Khmer Traditional Massage

I take the opportunity while in Siem Reap to try out the Khmer Traditional Massage.  And I enjoyed it.  It is very similar to Thai massage minus the pain. 

Khmer Traditional massage is based on the concept of the invisible line of energy running along your body.  It helps to ease sore muscles and restore proper blood circulation.
Packase offers at Apsara Centrepole Hotel, Siem Reap.

I tried the Thai massage once while in Krabi, but I cannot handle the pressure and I asked for a change to Aromatherapic massage instant.

Like everything else in Siem Reap, this Khmer massage is a mild version of Thai massage.

I almost fell asleep in between, very relaxing indeed.

The massage package at the hotel cost USD10, you can get a cheaper price outside around USD3-5.  But I prefer to have it at the comfort of my room's balcony.


Sharon D said...

Wow..that is really cheap, Ez!

Rose said...

Very cheap. I can never sleep during massage.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon n Rose, yup cheap and a great one too. Glad I tried it out. Pedi n mani also cheap, but I did have the time to try. Fish spa also plenty around.

Coffee Girl said...

wow best! tapi, sapa yang tangkap gambar?

Ez Vina said...

Jeng jeng jeng siapa tangkap siapa gambar? Eugene. Awal2 dah pesan ngan nya 'klak mun mummy massage, eugene ambik gambar auk'.

Ez Vina said...

*I did not have the time..