July 21, 2015

Hana Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Kuching

This restaurant is located at Jln Keretapi, same row with the Bing! and Big Oven.

Our 1st time here, we had..
Katsu ramen
Salmon teriyaki ramen
Tempura prawn with rice
Salmon sushi (RM2.90 each) n sashimi.
Nice ambiance; food not bad too, the ramen not too salty, a bit mild but I like it, salmon is very fresh.


Rose said...

Sound like nice review from you. Never been here although I saw it the last time I passed by there when I ate in Tarot Cafe. Hubby loves ramen, maybe I can introduce him this place.

Coffee Girl said...

Emmet jadi model paling ceria. Hehehe. Hope to drop by here when have time.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, yup can give this restaurant a try. I dont like a salty ramen, so this one is quite good for me.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Coffee Gal, Emmett masih di tahap suka bergambar, mun dah besar sikit macam Eugene mmg susah benar mok bergambar la. Klak2 dah sikda dah model ku.. Huhu.