February 28, 2011

St Joseph Kuching going private

*Dah nak kena register Eugene masuk sekolah primary one, tapi belum finalise lagi nak hantar dia kat sekolah mana, aduh...macam nie?

KUCHING: The St Joseph secondary and primary schools, among the oldest here, are going private.

It is learnt that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese had obtained the necessary licences to take back the two mission-turned-government schools.

The archdiocese had revealed its plan during a parish dinner in January.

When contacted, Kuching Archbishop John Ha refused to comment about the move.

“We have a committee working on it but you will have to wait until the ‘launch’,” he said, without going into the details of the ‘launch’.

The Archbishop is expected to formally announce the changes to the schools in late March or early April.

“It (the private schools) will start from next year onwards and the fees have already been worked out,” said a source.

He said both schools would go by the name Sekolah Menengah Swasta St Joseph and Sekolah Rendah Swasta St Joseph respectively.

When contacted, Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Datin Fatimah Abdullah admitted that she was aware of the archdiocese’s plan but refused to divulge any further information.

The change in the schools’ status has become a cause for concern for parents as many students feared that the school could be closed.

However, a senior staff of the school told Star Sarawak that there was no truth to talk of the schools’ closure.

“They will continue to run as usual for now,” he said.

SMK St Joseph currently has over 1,500 students whereas SK St Joseph has 855 pupils.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Teachers’ Union president William Ghani Bina believes that change in the schools’ status would not have much effect on the teachers and students if the school’s management planned the transition well.

He added that if a government school became a private school, teachers and students would have the option to either remain with the school or be transferred to a government school.

“If the teacher wants to stay on, then he would have to resign from the government. If not, then it would be like any other transfer,” he explained.

As for the students, he said their studies would not be interrupted since all government schools used the same textbooks and teachers were trained on the same syllabus.

“The only thing they might face is familiarising with their new environment and having to make new friends,” he said. SMK St Joseph is considered to be one of the most distinguished schools in the state, having churned out several high profile individuals including Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan and former State Secretary Datuk Amar Abdul Aziz Hussain.

The school which was built in 1882, also has a reputation of producing top scorers one of them include ex-national squash player June Tiong who is currently studying Chemistry at the prestigious Harvard University in the US.

February 25, 2011

I am number four (2011)

Macam mane la boleh pegi tengok cerita budak-budak ni,
dah la tu ada pelakon Glee pulak dalam tu...adooiii..spoil betul!

February 21, 2011

Nak jimat

Bertekat nak berjimat cermat..

  • Majority harga barang dah naik harga
  • Nak bawa anak-anak jalan ke oversea, Singapore pun kira oversea gak la kan :)

  1. Kurangkan ke salon rambut - max 1 kali sebulan
  2. Kurangkan ke beauty salon - max 1 kali sebulan dengan jumlah belanja tak melebihi RM100 per visit
  3. Kurangkan laundry service- cuba nak DIY jemur+lipat+iron baju
  4. Kurangkan makan kat luar - nak cuba masak lebih kerap di rumah
  5. Forget about gym/yoga/dance class, make sure household chores siap, confirm dapat keep fit (macam pernah fit sebelum ni pun!)
  6. Forget about part-time maid (refer to point no.5)
  7. Kurangkan ke cinema (dapat ke?!)
  8. Kurangkan ke KFC, McDonald, Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe dan semua tempat makan yang ada 16% services tax + gov tax tu
  9. Kurangkan raon-raon (driving around aimlessly), jimat duit petrol
  • Angan-angan ni takkan tercapai kalau boss asyik suruh kerja lebih masa; sabtu ahad pun kena turun office jugak!

February 17, 2011

My Valentine

Seperti tahun-tahun yang lepas,
Valentine's Day kami disambut dengan makan-makan..

this year I request for Orchid

Tapi yang paling special tahun ni...
we received a Valentine's card from Eugene,
Kad ni dia buat masa kat school tadi.

Eugene said: 'Mummy, onu tih hari sayang-sayang doh?'
(Today is love-love day issit?)
I said: 'Yes'
Then he gave me a kiss on my cheek..oh so sweet.
And he did the same to daddy when daddy reach home.

Tengok la tulisan cakar ayam dia tu..comel kan..
Spelling pun banyak error, apapun I loike!
Thank you sayang.

And not forgetting..Happy Chap Goh Mei to all of you!

February 16, 2011

Emmett @ 1y6m

New words that he learned this month:
  1. Star
  2. Moon
  3. Boi (Ball)
  4. Juk (Sejuk) whenever he has a cold drink
  5. Nook when he's asking for a drink
  6. Siyang (Soyang) for spill
  7. a-phone (iPhone)
  8. ABC whenever he wants us the play the ABC song
  9. Dog or sometimes he says Gu-guk
  10. Egene (Eugene) looking for his brother
  11. Ori (Lorry)
  12. Mimik for cat
  13. Ni? (Oni) for what
  14. Si? (Osi) for who
See my post on Emmett @ 1y5m

February 14, 2011

American Idol 10 - Emily Anne Reed

American Idol 10 Auditions

My favourite so far..

Emily Anne Reed - You're Getting To Be A Habit

See my choice on American Idol 9

AirAsia Plans for Kuching connectivity

Jum ke Perth!
AirAsia has announced plans to reopen Kuching as a hub and to relaunch the Kuching-Perth route.

AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes told reporters that this move was part of their strategy to reestablish Kuching as a regional and international air travel hub and Miri as an alternative to Brunei to make domestic and regional travel more accessible and affordable, Borneo Post reported.

Presently, the only direct international flight destination from and to Kuching is Singapore.

He said the move followed the successful launch of its Miri-Singapore route.

Fernandes acknowledged that in the past Kota Kinabalu has received more development but AirAsia is keen to develop Kuching and Miri as well.

He said they were confident that the Kuching-Perth route would receive a good response from the Australian market.

Fernandes also told reporters that the key for developing Kuching as a air travel hub was to have a low-cost terminal as developing new traffic - such as between Kuching and Indonesia - would be crucial for success.

A large part of realising this potential would depend on keeping airport tax and charges low.



February 12, 2011

Shaolin 2011

Kepada peminat aksi Kung Fu,
jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menonton cerita Shaolin di pawangan yang berdekatan dengan anda.
Memang berbaloi-baloi, cuma ending macam kurang power sikit.
Happy watching!

February 11, 2011


Today's date is 11.02.2011
Cantik kan number tu..
Dah tak tau nak tulis apa,
otak dah blank,
hari pun dah nak hujan,
system pulak dah semakin slow.
TGIF, esok boleh la pergi jalan-jalan sambil merehatkan minda.

Happy weekend all!

February 9, 2011

Red Night - The food

Makanan yang dihidangkan pada malam itew..

Standing napkin fan fold

Sambil menunggu makanan dihidangkan, tangkap gambar cili dulu..

Fish lips soup with crabmeat

Roasted chicken

Braised cabbage and black mushroom

Fried rice with shrimps

February 8, 2011

Red Night @ The Regency Rajah Court

Function: Malam Inisiatif Kualiti
Theme: Red
Date: 30/1/2011
Venue: The Royalist Hall, The Regency Rajah Court

Ucapan daripada Datu Hj Misnu B. Taha

Ucapan daripada Datu Abdul Ghafur Shariff

Persembahan daripada Datu Abdul Ghafur Shariff

Stay tuned for Red Night - The food

February 2, 2011

CNY card

Eugene's version of CNY card.

CNY Holiday

CNY holiday = Long weekend
Nak buat apa erk?
Nak check-in kat resort or nak buat project home improvement?

  1. Damai Resort - Chalet for poolside - RM288++, means +16%
  2. Damai Puri - rainforest view - RM372 nett
  3. Ocean Beach resort - RM280 but limited chalet available plus no swimming pool; laut macam kurang tenang, camne nak bawa anak-anak mandi laut.

Home Improvement:
  1. Nak cat rumah, masih ada baki cat hari tu untuk dihabiskan
  2. Gardening - tanam pearl grass
  3. Kemas store
  4. Lap tingkap
  5. Nak tukar kitchen hood - ada ke kedai yang buka?
  6. Susun gambar dalam album

February 1, 2011

CNY Night Market

CNY Night Market @ 3rd Mile;
opposite Sunny Hill.

Pelbagai barangan keperluan untuk CNY ada dijual dan yang bukan keperluan untuk orang macam saya pun ada gak.
Got pineapple, fresh flowers, pomelo, fish, prawn, crab, fish ball, cakes, biscuits, etc..
durian pun ada gak..yummy

Kat pasar, bahagian ada jual ikan pasti akan menjadi tumpuan Eugene & Emmett,
mereka berdua suka tengok fish,
tak kisah la yang idup ke yang mati.

Happy Chinese New Year to All,
Hope this coming Rabbit year will bring us more prosperity..kerchingg!