February 16, 2011

Emmett @ 1y6m

New words that he learned this month:
  1. Star
  2. Moon
  3. Boi (Ball)
  4. Juk (Sejuk) whenever he has a cold drink
  5. Nook when he's asking for a drink
  6. Siyang (Soyang) for spill
  7. a-phone (iPhone)
  8. ABC whenever he wants us the play the ABC song
  9. Dog or sometimes he says Gu-guk
  10. Egene (Eugene) looking for his brother
  11. Ori (Lorry)
  12. Mimik for cat
  13. Ni? (Oni) for what
  14. Si? (Osi) for who
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Coffee Girl said...

a-Phone ya kompom maknya ajar ... kenak sik ajarnya sebut Blackberry juak? haha.

lvynana said...

sik dapat ajar blackberry, sikda sample di rumah ;)

Rose said...

Mine is 18 months....still not able to talk. Just normal baby word like mum mum. But he can call daddy and mummy lah. :p

lvynana said...

Our lil Emmett really talks a lot, sometimes he caught us by surprise.