January 18, 2011

Emmett @ 1y5m

Dah makin banyak perkataan yang dia tahu;
basically you can have (almost) a real conversation with him now...

His favourite words:
  1. Airplan - start saying airplan at the age of 1 year and 1 month, after his 1st flight to KL
  2. agu (lagu) when he requests daddy to switch on the player for him
  3. duk (duduk) for sit down
  4. Daddy - start calling daddy at the age of 7 months
  5. Ami or Mimi for Mummy
  6. ban (bantal busuk) for his pillow
  7. mamam (makan) when he is asking for food
  8. up
  9. iyek (doriek) for dont want
  10. mamuh for bath time
  11. nenen for milk
  12. ki for where?
  13. yang (sayang)
  14. bird
  15. pish (fish)
  16. mit for take
  17. cak (cicak) for lizard
  18. Ta you (Thank you)
  19. Washand (Wash hand)


Rose said...

handsome lad!

Nimi said...

time fly by so fast.. rasa cam baruk jak nangga gambar ultrasound scanning ko ari ya.. udah besar dah emmet. blom gik aku ketemunya tok.