April 27, 2016

Tian Sian Hui Wei Steamboat, Kuching

Tian Sian Hui Wei Steamboat, Jalan Tun Jugah, Kuching.
A Taiwanese franchise restaurant specialising in steamboat.
Our 1st time here.

We had..
 Combo hotpot - Original & Spicy - RM30

 LeYi Guo - RM9
Vermicelli - RM2

Boneless pork - RM25

And the winner goes to..
 Scallop - RM28

 Grand total including drinks + gst + 10% Service Charge = RM150.85

April 26, 2016

Food in Tenom, Sabah

Food that we had while we were in Tenom...
Not all but only these that I managed to capture..

The rice..
Steamed chicken and char siaw pork rice

The noodle..
Mee hoon kosong + mix soup

Mee kosong + Mee goreng + mix soup

And of coz lots of banana cheese..

April 24, 2016

Karangan #3 | Ibu saya

Ibu saya sangat jahat.  Ibu saya selalu cubit saya.  Ibu saya buat makanan yang sedap.  Ibu saya ada 5 kakak (including a sister in law).  Ibu saya ada dua anak.

Written by: Eugene

April 19, 2016

St. Anthony, Tenom

We attended a Sunday Mass at St. Anthony Catholic Church when we were in Tenom last month.

April 14, 2016

Yit Foh Coffee Factory, Tenom, Sabah

We had the opportunity to visit the famous Yit Foh Coffee Factory while we were in Tenom last month.

Yit Foh Coffee Factory is the oldest and one of the most famous coffee manufacturers in Sabah.

Our main purpose going there was get a good stock of coffee for our own consumption.  Price-wise, of coz it is a bit cheaper here at the factory.

Enjoy the pics...

April 11, 2016

Samantha & Weldy | Wedding in Tenom

Date : 13th March 2016
Venue: Mandalom, Tenom, Sabah

Congratulations anak buah!

April 8, 2016

In My Kitchen #37

Chicken + carrot + potato

Cucumber + sambal udang kering

Fried chicken

Banana from kampung

April 7, 2016

iPhone Tower

Conversation #1:
Emmett: Mom, I want to visit iPhone Tower
Mummy: Where is this iPhone Tower?
Emmett: in Paris!
Mummy:  Why do you want to go there?
Emmett:  Because it has snow and there must be lots of iPhone there.
Mummy: ohh.. You mean Eiffel Tower?! Not iPhone Tower, sayang.
*haiya, banyak sangat pengaruh gadgets ni*

Conversation #2
Emmett:  Eugene, you know, ant is the fastest animal on earth, but it's just too small.
*I guess you have a point there son, I mean you need to compare apple to apple, right?*

On another note, Emmett just started his 1st swimming lesson for the year 2016, last weekend.

We decided to send him to the same lesson as his brother.  The lesson will be recorded as 1 of Eugene's school curriculum activities.

April 5, 2016

Imperial Boutec Hotel, KK

Imperial Boutec Hotel, Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
We stayed in this same hotel in 2013.

It is a small hotel, with small rooms but with a view like this... it is worth to come back to.

You can enjoy the sunset while just seating on bed!

Here's the rest of the room..

April 4, 2016

The King's Curry, Kuching

The King's Curry, Petanak, Kuching.
This restaurant has been operating for more than a year, and this is my 1st time here.

We had..
Milo Dinosaur - RM4
Teh Tarik - RM2.50
Lemon - RM2
Cola - RM2

 Chicken Kebab - RM20, so juicy and yummy.

 Cheezy Naan - RM10
Emmett request for this, a bit tough, we didn't finish it.

Fried chicken - RM4
Nasi Briyani - RM3.50

There are so much more that we have yet to try, will be back soon...
Price exclude 6% GST