April 7, 2016

iPhone Tower

Conversation #1:
Emmett: Mom, I want to visit iPhone Tower
Mummy: Where is this iPhone Tower?
Emmett: in Paris!
Mummy:  Why do you want to go there?
Emmett:  Because it has snow and there must be lots of iPhone there.
Mummy: ohh.. You mean Eiffel Tower?! Not iPhone Tower, sayang.
*haiya, banyak sangat pengaruh gadgets ni*

Conversation #2
Emmett:  Eugene, you know, ant is the fastest animal on earth, but it's just too small.
*I guess you have a point there son, I mean you need to compare apple to apple, right?*

On another note, Emmett just started his 1st swimming lesson for the year 2016, last weekend.

We decided to send him to the same lesson as his brother.  The lesson will be recorded as 1 of Eugene's school curriculum activities.


Fina said...

can i know where is swimming pool located?

Ez Vina said...

Hi Fina, this one is at the Kompleks Belia, near Saberkas there.