August 12, 2018

Emmett's Sketches #14 | A Player

Mummy: What is this, Mett?
Emmett: This is a player in a game.
Mummy: What is the name of the game?
Emmett: I’m going to call it Sky War
*Lately he dream of becoming a game creator.

August 5, 2018

Mendung Escape

Last month, me and a group of friends when up to Mendung Escape for an unforgettable weekend escape.

The place is wonderful, but the hike, adumak, semput gue.  For other people, it took them 20-30min to reach the place, but for me, it took me about 45-1 hour, pancit weh.

What do we do there? Nothing but to enjoy the view and to unwind.  At 700m up, the view of Singai forest is breathtaking.  There’s no TV there, but celcom line still can get 4G, so you won't be totally out of grid.  Water and electricity are available too.

Makanan kena angkut sendiri la, maybe you can make prior arrangement with the owner as well.

Ok, enough talking, let’s enjoy the view..

The building

The journey, all the way up

The breathtaking view


The geng

Capture the sun

Loving these setting

The high chair

Relaxing on a hummock

The upper level unit, with an outdoor bathtub

Kulat oren

Major love

Our bbq dinner

Our breakfast

Pano view..

For those who are interest, please can make your booking at

July 6, 2018

Teochew Chendul at Aeon Mall

Our 1st time here.

We had the Original Teochew Chendul - RM7.10
Kuey Teow Soup with Chiam drink - RM12.70
Chicken pandan - RM8.40

The chendul was good, the Kuey Teow soup was tasteless, the chicken pandan was ok but was so tiny.

This place is next to Nandos on the 2nd level of Aeon Mall, Kuching.