October 7, 2018

A reserved snail

Emmett: Mom, is this snail reserved?
haha 😂 😂😂

October 5, 2018

Eugene is 12

My boy is 12! sob sob, ok Mummy, don’t get emotional, this post is not about you, it’s about Eugene.

So, on his birthday, Eugene did not want any present from Mummy, instead he wanted to choose his own breakfast, lunch and dinner place and menu.  Ok boy, that’s an easy fix.

Happy Birthday, Eugene. Mummy loves you.

Kitto as wanted to join the group photo :D

P/s: His ambition (as of the month) is to be a vet by day and a chef by night.

October 3, 2018

UPSR 2018

Maka berakhirlah sudah episode UPSR 2018.

Rasa nyer zaman sekarang, anak-anak yang menduduki  exam,  parents yang over nervous. Anak cool jer memanjang.

Syukur semuanya berjalan lancar sepanjang 4 hari peperiksaan, sekarang hanya mampu berdoa dan pasrah menunggu keputusan.

This is only the 1st step, you still have a long way to go, my son.  Jangan kecewa sekiranya keputusan tidak seberapa; jangan lah angkuh sekiranya keputusan cemerlang.

P/s: I can’t even remember my own Primary 6 Exam, result pun tak ingat dah.