April 18, 2018

Preview Sale at Aeon Kuching

So Aeon Mall Kuching is finally going to open this Friday, 20th April 2018.  And now they are having a 3-days Preview Sale for Aeon member card holders.

I have been a loyal Aeon member for more than 10 years now, even during Jaya Jusco time.

Today, I took a day off from work to do some errands and of coz to go for the Preview Sale.  Hubby is sporting enough to take a day off too to be my driver.

After breakfast at Kuchei, we headed to Aeon Mall, traffic has started to build up outside the mall. and we got our park spot just in time for Aeon's door to open at 10am.

See people are queuing, baik kan orang Kuching, sangat berhemah.  This is the basement parking.

Aeon Member & Customer Service counter at the 1 st floor, I saw another service counter at the ground floor too.

Foodcourt and supermarket are at the ground floor.

Non halal corner inside the supermarket, I am excited to see this corner, interesting menu on board that says bacon, spaghetti, sandwich, sausage, all pork!

Was there for less than 2 hours and my cart is almost overflow, so I better go and I will be coming back again really soon :)

My short video..

April 17, 2018

Dinner at Boulevard Restaurant

This is not our 1st here.

Normally we came here for Dim Sum during breakfast meal or for the Chicken/Pork/Duck rice/noodle for lunch.

But last night was our 1st time having dinner here.

The food are so good.  Really beyond our expectation.
This is a non-halal restaurant ya, don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's what we ordered..
Pork Ribs with Plum Honey Sauce. RM29
The meat are so tender, I never tasted pork ribs these tender before, every bite is a happiness in my mouth.

Chicken marmite, the kids love this. RM19

Deep fried soft bean curd with spinach and chicken + anchovies. RM19
My 1st time having this dish, the picture on the menu looks good, so decided to give it a try, it tasted so good. The softness of the taufu, the crispiness of the deep fried spinach and the saltiness of the chicken floss and anchovies, everything works well together on this wonderful plate.

We cannot finish these 3 dishes, had to tapao some of the meat back. So tonight we are going to have the leftover of these goodness, yummy!

See our previous meal here in 2015.

April 16, 2018

Pork Ribs Instant Noodle

One of the best things that I bought from my Beijing trip last November was these 5 packets of Roasted Pork Ribs Instant Noodle.

It is the best instant noodle that I have tasted in my life so far.
It does not taste like an instant noodle, and it even taste better then some noodle served in other noodle shops in town. 
Disclaimer: Kolo mee still the best, but kolo mee is NOT an instant noodle, so, totally different category ya :)

I tried add in eggs to this noodle, but it did not taste that good.  Best is to serve it just like that. Kosong.

Sometimes I add in chives just to make it healthier, konon.

And that was my last packet.  I am sad.  Anyone going to China? Can tapao this for me?