February 23, 2017

Oh my English | Grammar Test


Great result!

But why issit my English writing (and speaking) still not up to my expectation?

Drama untuk hari ini.

Try this out yourself..

February 22, 2017

Emmett's sketchers #9 | Plants vs Zombies

While waiting for our breakfast at a kopitiam, last Saturday, Emmett sketched these..
 Halfway done.

Final result; on the back of a receipt paper.

February 18, 2017

Sentosa Theme Park, Kuching

We went there last month.
The kids really enjoy themselves.

Boleh tahan mahal jugak tempat ni, tengok senarai harga di bawah.
Kena bawa duit berguni-guni, kata kakak saya.  Duit siling la kot.

Jum layan gambar..

See ya.