October 2, 2019

Joker (2019)

I am having a mixed feeling.

Should I go watch Joker?

When I saw the trailer, it makes me feel like the movie is going to tell a story of how a person become a bad person.

I have watched The Dark Knight (2008) and I remember clearly how well Heath Ledger played his role as Joker in that movie.  And I read somewhere it says that he is into to deep with the character which lead him to his suicide.  Or is it in my dream?  Yes, that’s how bad my impression of Joker, it even gave me nightmares.

I have a bad feeling that this latest Joker movie is there to justify Joker’s behaviour. I just don’t want to feel bad at the end of the movie, and start forgiving him for the things that he had done.  I want a superhero movie, I want somebody from zero to hero type.  I don’t want a movie about bad guys. I don’t want a depressing movie.  I need a feel good movie, why this year we are lacking of good movie? Why!

If I ever going to watch this, I will update it here.
Maybe I will, been months since my last movie, there’s just nothing worth watching lately. Sad.

Ok, enough ranting.  Let me know if you have watched this. xoxo.

September 27, 2019

Emmett's 1st Holy Communion

4 years of Sunday school, and he finally had his 1st Holy Communion ceremony last week.

The sacrament of First Communion took place during the Friday Evening Mass.  Total of 52 children graduated on that day, 26 young girls and 26 young boys.

Congratulations son for another milestone in your journey.
Next step is the Holy Confirmation.

See Eugene's 1st Holy Communion 2016

September 19, 2019

Bangkok Trip 2019

We did not plan much for this trip.
Most important, we wanted to enjoy eat, shop, sleep, and repeat.

My initial plan was to shop for these items:

  • sunglasses
  • Leather bag
  • Outdoor quick dry cloth
  • Coin purse as souvenirs
  • Cosmetics, especially beauty blender.
  • And lots of new clothes

My must eat list, boat noodles, wanton mee, sticky rive mango.  Had it all!

After window shopping on the 1st day, I find that the international brands clothes are not that cheap, after conversions I think I can get a cheaper price in Malaysia.  Blame it on the weak Malaysia Ringgit.  When we were in Bangkok in 2006, the exchange rate was about 100baht equal to RM10, but now 100baht equal to RM14. So much different.

Despite the poor conversion rate, I managed to grab the items below.  I felt like I didn’t shop enough, regretting not buying more clothes, but then again, when I list it down, it looks like quite a long list.

sunglasses - 1
Leather beg - 1
Leather purse - 1
Coin purse and keychains for souvenirs
Skin care - beauty blender, eyebrow pencil, aloe vera gel
Shorts - 1
Top - 1
Dress - 1
Leather sandal -1
Leather belt - 2
Walking shoe - 1
Leather watch strap - 1
Leather cards holder - 1
Hair clip - 1
Cashmere shawl - 1

Most of my shopping was done in Tokyu Department Store, MBK.  I was quite disappointed to find that there’s none Japanese brand handbag in that store. Maybe it was hidden from my eyes 😂
My catch.  Mostly from Tokyu.

Thai brand bags.

Hair clips. Many of hair clips in Tokyu and iSetan are made in Japan.


iSetan, Central World.

Our major expenses:

Flights - RM870 per person
Accommodation - RM700 per night
Taxi Airport - hotel - 800baht
Taxi hotel to airport - 500baht