September 25, 2016

Baxter & Yvonne

Date : 24 Sept 2016
Venue : Penview Hotel, Kuching

September 21, 2016

Four Happiness Cafe

This is our 2nd time here.
The 1st time was in 2014, and that time it was called the Harbour Cafe; now the Four Happiness.

We ordered - Mee Sua, of coz.
This time we did not have to wait long, there were only a few people in the cafe, I wonder what happened, business not doing well?
For the Mee Sua, as you can see, the color is not that 'red', but you can add in the Red Wine on yourself, which I did, lots of it, and it tasted good.

Mee Sua - RM7

Roti bakar - RM1.50

Where have all the people gone to?

September 18, 2016

School holiday is over

School holiday is over!

Anak-anak cool je pun nak turun sekolah, mak bapak pulak yang lebih bingung sebab kena bangun awal.

Jum tengok minggu lepas kami buat apa..

We kicked start the school holiday mood at Sushi Zanmai..

Celebrated Eugene & Emmett's Birthday at kampung.

I attended a web bengkel.

I went to Bako National Park for a 2D1N gateway with friends. 

Ok, quite a fruitful week I must say; esok bermula lagi rutin bangun awal untuk sediakan bekal anak-anak.
Ganbatte to all the Mommies out there!