August 30, 2020

RMCO Week 11

We went back to kampung over the weekend.

The next morning, before we drive back to Kuching, to stop by to have breakfast in Bau town.  We had our usual must have evey time we were in Bau town.

So long we haven’t eaten at Bau kopitiam, since MCO.

Bau town on a rainy morning.
Kolo mee soup

Tomato crispy mee

These are what you should try if you ever come to Bau town.

Here’s what I cooked in my kitchen this week.

Smoked duck, salmon, daun ibu, tomato with egg.

Here’s my box of happiness this week.

My 3rd wireless eyephone from the same brand.

All the way from Sibu.

The viral Korean garlic cheese bun, freshly baked by my good neighbour.

Bought this from FB live auction.

And here’s my walking record this week.

Oh ya, our PM just announced yesterday that the RMCO will be extended until 31st Dec 2020.  Ohh well.

August 19, 2020

RMCO Week 10 | Back to school

Week 10 of RMCO, I still continue on my evening walk, but this week, I add in cycling to my routine.  So some days I go for walk, some days I go cycling.

Just my usual 1 mile short exercise, sad news is that I had a really bad back muscle pain on Wednesday evening.  It happened around 10pm, I started feel pain at the left side of my back, spread to my left arm.  I thought I was having a stroke, we were getting ready to go to the emergency room, luckily the pain was gone in about 10-15 minutes.  I only went to a clinic on the next morning, want to avoid hospital visit during this RMCO.  Doctor said nothing serious. Pheww.

On Friday, me and my colleague went for lunch at Secret Recipe.  It was a birthday treat to one of our colleagues.

On Saturday, we went to a saloon for the 1st time since MCO, getting hair cut for the kids, since the school is starting again on Monday.  No hair done for me, I trim my own hair twice since MCO.

Saturday afternoon, me and Emmett went for our cycling, Emmett had a fall and injured his knee.  Pity him,  when we were kids, this kind of injury were very common, but for kids nowadays, it is something rare.

On Sunday, it’s Emmett bitthday.

On Monday, I took a day off from work.  Feeling anxious sending the kids to school.

Should I continue sending my kids to school? Stay tuned.

Emmett’s 11th Birthday

This year Emmett’s birthday fall on Sunday.  On that day, as usual we had our early Sunday Mass online.  Then I make his favourite pancakes for breakfast.

Since we are still in RMCO, only me and hubby went out to tapao food on that day, and at the same time we did some groceries shopping too.  We bought Apple Donuts, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks drink from him.

For dinner, we ordered food from Howdy’s. We also bought 2 tiny cute cakes for him.  I know he might not want to have a cute birthday cake in the future, that’s why I chose these.  My boy is growing up too fast. sob sob.

After dinner it’s time to unbox the Birthday presents. I got him a large set of Lego bricks since he wanted to go to Legoland for the 3rd time, but we can’t make it this year.  And the 2 books that I ordered from Book Depositary before MCO just arrived earlier this week, it also can counted as his birthday.  I know he is going to love it.

Happy Birthday, son.  Mommy loves you.