August 27, 2014

Mitsu Tea House

Mitsu Tea House,  RH Plaza, BDC, Kuching

Its been while since our last time at this restaurant, we used to dine here, not sure why we stop coming for the past 2 years.

After getting much recommendation on their dim sum, we decided to come back for dinner.

These are what we ordered..
Shrimp Dumplin (Har Kao) - skin is thicker than Kim Bay - RM5.00
Braised Beef Tripe - nice, but if they slice it smaller would be nicer - RM4.50
Beancurd Skin - nice but a bit oily - RM5.00
Fried rice with shrimp - very generous serving - RM6.90
Talapia Thai Style with rice - I think this is the highlight of the night, we would come back to try other version of this dish - RM8.90

Drinks are reasonably priced, food option aplenty; and the floor looks clean.
Yup we will definitely be coming back.

August 26, 2014

Desmond & Amy

Date: 9th August 2014
Venue: Singgai - Matang

Congratulations to Desmond and Amy!

August 22, 2014

Breakfast at Kim Bay

On Sunday, we had late breakfast cum lunch at Kim Bay.  This is one of the place where you can find decent dim sum in Kuching.

I love the Har Kao.  It costs RM4.80 per set of 3 pcs.

Normally we really enjoyed this tasty chicken chop burger Macau style, but dunno why on that particular morning, the meat is so tough, something like a leftover-and-fried-again kinda tough.  Cost RM6.50.

The porridge is not bad, Emmett loves it.

Sandwich for Eugene.

Drinks can be quite expensive here.