August 28, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 16

For Level 15, I had these in the Gym..
Vaporeon CP1374
Emmett changed my hair color to match my team color.

Flareon CP1098

I am at Level 18 now, if you are looking for Magikarp, go to Kuching Waterfront, all the way up to Sarawak Plaza, you can find plenty there.  And during weekend, Tun Jugah Food Court is putting up 5 Lure Modules.  So, if you are not Pokemon Fan, try to avoid these areas over weekend's nights, jam pack I tell you.

August 27, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 15

Didn't go to any Poke Gym in my Level 14.

But in Level 15, I had a few..
My Vaporeon CP1178

 My Vaporeon CP1296

The last one my Vaporeon CP1296 at Stone Lion Gym, 7th Mile, Kota Sentosa, Kuching.  Btw, if you are looking for Snorlax, go to this place.

August 26, 2016

Have an awesome weekend

My children are truly my happy pills..

Mummy: Eugene, give me an example of 'kata kerja'
Eugene: Engineer
*slap forehead*

Mummy: Emmett, when are you going to take your bath?
Emmett: Today

I found this book in Eugene's bag.
The Subject: Book of Awesomeness.

Btw, the content is still empty.