October 13, 2017

Manila 2017 | Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay

Had the opportunity to visit Nurture Wellness Village at Tagaytay when I was in Philippines few months ago.

Dapat juga merasa massage from a Filipina.
 Waiting area, organic shop at the side, dining area at the back.


Our lunch, everything is organic

 With the masseurs, seronok betul delegate dari Spain tuu..

Selain Nurture Wellness Village, kami juga sempat melihat keindahan Taal Valcono Island dari Vista Hotel dan melawat Organic Farm.  Jum layan video..

  A pioneer in the Philippine spa and wellness industry, Nurture Wellness Village http://www.nurturewellnessvillage.com/ has been a consistent recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence (2014-2016 ) as one of the Best Hotels and attractions in Tagaytay. Tagaytay City is known as a favorite vacation destination due to its cool climate all year round.  Located deep amidst coffee orchards, Nurture offers a distinctive brand of “Ecotherapy” or healing by and through nature. It provides a unique Filipino wellness experience, from its unique Ifugao native huts to its Filipino themed d├ęcor to its therapeutic Filipino themed spa treatments, to its Filipino fusion cuisine in its restaurant.

October 9, 2017

Dinner at Engleham 31

This is the 1st time we came here for dinner.
We had lunch here a few time previously.

So this time we ordered..

 Pad Thai
 Pandan chicken
 Chicken omelette

 And, pulut mangga (mango sticky rice) is a must whenever we are here.

Our drinks..

Total bill: RM58 

September 29, 2017

In My Kitchen #42

On our dinner table tonight..

Ikan goreng, bought the fish from 3rd mile evening market earlier at RM16.

Sausage and homemade chicken strips

Eggs and long beans, kacang panjang RM2 seikat, ni baru guna 1/3, selebihnya masuk peti ais.

ohhh durian, lama dah aku mencari dikau.
Ini pun beli kat market Batu 3 tadi, harga RM12.
Rupa nyer amat la hodoh, dah takda pilihan lain, tak sangka isinya semua elok, sangat manis pulak tu.
Ok, don't judge a durian by it's cover, but by it's smell :)

Perut kenyang hati senang, tido nyenyak la nampak nya malam ni.