August 22, 2019

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Carnival Sarawak 2019

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Carnival is an annual Carnival held at Kuching Waterfront.  This year it started from 14th until 20th August 2019.

I wanted to go from the beginning, end up only have time to visit it on the last day.  What I am interested in most is the local craft. Now it is becoming like trend where ladies have these weave handbags.  And I want one too. I am looking for a specific material which is the rattan.

So there I was on the last day of the carnival, browsing around.  The good thing about going on the last day is that you can get extra discount and the bad thing is you might only have the leftover designs.

I ended up with these 3 items, small mat, basket and a handbag, all made of rattan.

These are my catch, macam sayang pulak nak pakai.

August 17, 2019

Judging Mind

We were having breakfast at our usual place this morning.  And as usual my husband and my sons are fully engrossed with their phones.  My eyes caught a sight of this lady, she is seating right opposite of me.  Her eyes and nose are red, clearly she has been crying.

Immediately my judging mind got activated.

I saw her eyes and nose are red.
My judging mind: she must be having a fight with her partner.  If she is not happy, she should get out of the relationship.  She is beautiful, looks younger than me, she is better off with someone else.

Then came a man seating in front of her.  I can only see his back.
My judging mind: This must be the boyfriend, you bettter treat her right, she is so beautiful, she can replace you anytime.

Then I saw the diamond on her ring finger.
My judging mind: so they are married. What has he done that make her looked so sad.

Then I saw tiny foot, a child is laying on the man’s laps.
My judging mind: what?! They have a child, the child is only like 2 or 3 months old. Maybe she is having a post natal depression? But no, it must be the husband, she did not even look up or talk to the husband the whole time. I hope everything will be fine, pity the child.

Yes, I am guilty as charged. Sometimes my mind likes to play Ally McBeal.  I know it’s bad to judge others, but that’s what happened when my mind is left unattended.  Maybe I should just look down on my phone more often.

All these conversations happened in my head while I was enjoying this bowl of Laksa  Sarawak.

August 13, 2019

Mordi & Grace

Date: 10th August 2019
Venue: Redeem, Bau


Congratulations cousin!