July 17, 2019

Blood test

I have not done my medical checkup since the last time I changed my job.

Been having dizziness, on and off, for the past few weeks.  My guess was my cholesterol level might be high.  Friends and colleagues advise me to go for blood test just to make sure.

Finally I took the test on Monday, and gotten my result this afternoon.  To my surprise, I am suffering from Iron Deficiency.  That was totally unexpected.  The only time I heard of this Iron supplement was during my pregnancies.

Am still learning about this Iron/hemoglobin/anemia thingy.  For now I will take Iron supplement as doctor’s advise.  Slowly I hope I can control it naturally by adjusting my diet.

Apparently, my ice addiction has a scientific link to Iron deficiency. Interesting!

If you know anything about Iron deficiency, do share it with me, ya.

After some reading, I think my main cause is having too much tea while having meals, sometimes I can have 2 ice tea in 1 meal. Tea inhibits iron absorption, best to wait at least an hour after a meal before drinking tea.

July 10, 2019

Yunique Tea, Emporium

Another new place in town for boba tea lovers, The Yunique Tea 御黑堂, Emporium, Kuching.

So much to choose from, but my favourite is the Avocado Dirty Cha (RM14.90). Trust me, there’s nothing dirty about this Cha 😅

It is fresh, not too sweet, deliciously creamy, ohh so good!

Brown Sugar Avocado (RM17.90)

Dranana Dirty Cha (RM14.90)

Mango Dirty Cha (RM14.90)

Strawberry Dirty Cha (RM14.90)

Lava Brown Sugar Bearioca Milk (RM14.90)

Avocado Dirty Cha (RM14.90)

Avocado Dirty Cha, oh so yummy.

July 6, 2019

Maruyama Zoo, Sapporo

Our family holiday isn’t complete without a visit to an aquarium or a zoo.

While in Sapporo, we spent a day exploring Maruyama Zoo.  The zoo is located in Maruyama Park.  It is quite a walk from the bus/train stop, so we took a taxi to and back from there.

We were there on Friday, and we were surprised to see that is was packed kindergarten students where besides the teachers, the parents and the family were also there.  The whole zoo is like a picnic ground where they sit together enjoying their bento.

I also noticed that residents in Hokkaido live (or walk) in a slower pace compare to the other cities in Japan.

Ok back to the zoo story.  The zoo compound is not that big, we can lazily walk around.  Even took a few stops sitting on the bench or simply on the grass.  Everywhere is so clean, except for some area with animals poop smells.  Well, it’s a zoo, what do you expect, right?

Here we had our 1st live encounter with polar bear, brown bear, wolf, and kangaroo.

Enough talking, here’s same of our photos and video there.

July 4, 2019

Just Shut Up

There are times when I wish can just say ‘please shut up’ to some people.  Like  in these situation...

Scene 1.
At an economy rice stall, I was there to tapao my lunch.
Me: Nasi setengah jak. (Rice half portion only)
Owner A: Cukup ka? (Is that enough?)
Owner B: aih jaga badan ka, nasi setengah jak!
Ohhh come on!
For 1, I am paying for the food.
2, if I only need half, why I need to get more.
Seriously I don’t understand Malaysian and their food waste!

Scene 2.
Me having porridge for lunch.
Person A: Ko makan ya masa tok? (you eating that at this time of the day?)
Then came 2nd person.
Person B: Kenak ko makan bubur masa lunch? (Why are you eating porridge for lunch?)
Person C: aihhh diet ka makan bubur jak? (Are you on diet)

Huwaaa, what’s wrong with me eating porridge for lunch? I love porridge, I can have it for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, even for supper if I want to.  Same like I can eat American Breakfast for my dinner if I choose to.

Yes, I know you might say that it’s just small talk, and maybe they are being nice by trying to make conversation.  Maybe I am the weird one.

Ohhh my poor-rich :D

June 20, 2019

Hokkaido 2019 | Sankaku Fish Market, Otaru

Sankaku Fish Market, where I had the best Kaisendon meal.

It's small, it's narrow, but don’t be fooled by the looks, the place has no fish smells. Smells better than most supermarket locally. And most important, they serve great Kaisendon, better than those I've tasted in Sapporo city.

Sotong kering

June 19, 2019

Hokkaido 2019 | Shopping In Sapporo

This time I did most of my shopping at Sapporo Tokyu Department Store. Sapporo Tokyu Department Store is located next to Japan Railway Sapporo Station.

Floor guide

  • Rooftop Outdoor Children's Plaza, Indoor Children's Plaza, Game Corner (indoors) 
  • 10F Restaurant Mall "Dining dining"/Beauty & Relaxation 
  • 9F Event Hall/Tokyu Hands/Women's clothing/Cosmetics/Procedure for a tax refund 
  • 8F Tokyu Hands 
  • 7F Men's clothing, Men's Accessories/Men's and Women's' sportswear 
  • 6F Household items, Bed and bedding items,Interior "URBAN HOME SHOW" 
  • 5F Baby & children's clothing/Toys/Jewel, Clocks 
  • 4F Women's clothing (High end ready-made women's clothing, Plus-size women's clothing)
  •  3F Women's clothing (Small-size women's clothing) 
  • 2F Women's clothing, Handbags 
  • 1F Cosmetics/Fashion accessories/Information(baby stroller parking)/coin lockers 
  • B1 Foods "Tokyu Food Show"/Information(baby stroller parking)/coin lockers
Made in Japan leather handbag is a must for me every time I am in to Japan.

Love these... from Blue Label Crestbridge

Wooden hair clip ni pun cantik, maybe will get hubby to make one for me ahakks

June 14, 2019

Hokkaido 2019 | Itinerary and Budget

Our actual  itinerary:

Day 1
Reach Sapporo at 7.20am, leave our luggage at the hotel, explore Sapporo city by foot.
The Former Hokkaido Government Office, Odori park, and Clock Tower. Back to hotel at 2pm, checkin and rest for a bit.
6pm out dinner somewhere in Susukino area.

Day 2
Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park, Jozankei, Otaru

Day 3
Nijo Fish Market.
Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

Day 4
Sapporo crab market.
Day 5
Shopping day, I did most of my shopping at Tokyu Department Store.
Tried looking at other malls but the 'feel' is not there.

Day 6
To airport.

Our planned itinerary:

Day 1
Gov building

Day 2
Sapporo city
Maruyama zoo

Day 3
Flower Farm
Target : sakura, tulips, Shibazakura

Day 4
Mishima Shibazakura Garden + Takino national park + Jozankei

Day 5
Shopping outlet

Budget for 4 pax:

Flights : KL- Sapporo - KL : RM5,000.50
Flights : Kch - KL - Kch : RM2000
New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Rapid Train : 1050jpy/person per way
Car rental : RM380 for 12 hours inclusive of tol card and petrol.
Accommodation : RM3035.50

Hokkaido 2019 | Our Inflight Meals

KL - Sapporo - KL

Pasta and sausage

Chicken Teriyaki


Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Tikka




Teh Tarik

Kopi AirAsia pahit; Teh Tarik sedap.

KL - Kuching

Nasi Hujan Panas, ayam rendang

Nasi Hujan Panas

Sweet sour fish

June 13, 2019

Breakfast at Nest Hotel Sapporo

One of the main reason why we chose this hotel was due to the good reviews we found online regarding their breakfast.

Breakfast meal does not come under the standard price. Book your room together with your breakfast for a better rate.  If you are paying at the hotel (on the spot), it will cost you 3000jpy per adult and 1500jpy per child.

Here’s what I had throughout our stay there, note that these are MY portion only.  I am fully utilizing my portion of the fee.  What can I say, good food is mean to be eaten 😁

Breakfast is served from 6am to 10am, however I noticed that they stop replenish the food after 9.30am.  Make sure to wake up early.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
And onward, you get the drift..

Kaisendon - Salmon, Salmon Roe, Flying Fish Roe, Pounded Tuna Carpaccio, Shrimp, and pickled ginger on the side, my daily choice of breakfast in Sapporo.

Ramen salad, miso soup

My preferred ramen salad dressing

Tuna carpaccio

Kaisendon boat, only Salmon roe on the boat, the rest all finished by 9.40am

Hijiki, bacon, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn soup, kaisendon

Ramen salad


Cold noodle, soft and silky noodle.

Hijiki, bacon, pumpkin, sweet potato

Almond jelly, laici

Hijiki, so sedap.

During our visit there, in end of May, the sun rise at 4am, it was so bright that I normally woke up at 4.30am and sleep again at 5.30am for another hour.  So good to have a longer day light,  feel like you have more than 24 hours in a day.

*Note:  Other food beside the above.
Pancake, scrambled egg - Emmett's choice
Bacon, Sausage, fried chicken - Eugene's choice
Bread and butter - hubby's choice