April 29, 2019

KL Trip, April 2019

I was in KL last week for work related trip.
Stayed in Bukit Bintang area for 3 nights.

Been 5 years since the last time I visited Bukit Bintang.
The area looks much more organised now that the MRT station is completed.
Our last time there, with all the construction work, the place was a mess.

Hello Pavilion.

Came back home on Saturday, here’s my conversation with my Emmett.
Me: Emmett, have you wash your container.
Emmett: ohh I didn’t use my container.
Me: What? You didn’t bring any bekal? What did you have for rehat? Makan angin?
Emmett: I bekal bun, the bun has plastic wrap, you know.
Me: I know. But your bun didn’t get penyet?
Emmett: No. I got penyet. That’s why I am so skinny.
Ohhh boy, I really miss his jokes whenever I am away.

April 19, 2019

Declutter | But what if I need it in the future

I have a confession to make, I think I am becoming a hoarder, our house is not in the stage that I want it to be. We have too much stuffs.  Maybe it's not as messy as those hoarders' house that we seen on tv, but it keeps in messing in my mind that I need a better system to manage my home.

I have been thinking hard.  I know there are many reason why people keep (hoard) their things.  But I have drilled down my problem to one. Which is "What if I need the stuff in the further?"

I've done some reading on issue specific to me, and find out that there are few possible reason why I have this kind of issue:
1. Having trust issue.
2. Afraid that I might not have 'enough' in the future.  But what is enough?
3. I lost something valuable in the pass.
4. Growing up poor, or still in a poor state.  Maybe a poor mind in my case :)
5. You want to ensure you have enough in the future. hmmm again, I need to define what is enough.

I have tried decluttered in the pass, decluttering my collection of disposable food containers, still struggling with it but in a more systematic way.  Sound like another hoarder excuse, right?

So, today I am throwing away 90% of the Eu Yan Sang empty glass bottles.

BUT what if I might need it in the future?! I will just have to buy more Eu Yan Sang product.

Btw, this is a not a Eu Yan Sang promotional post ya.  I just find that Eu Yan Sang use lots of good hard glass material (tu yang sayang nak buang tu), not sure whether that is good or bad for the environment.  Well, that's another topic for another day.

Next, I am going to digitalised all by receipt. No more physical files to keep all my hard copy receipts.

Your Home is a Living Space not a Storage Space!

April 10, 2019

In My Kitchen | Corelle

I finally purchased my 1st Corelle set last month.

And, 2 weeks later I got my 2nd set.

I want to promise myself, and write it down here that I won’t be ogling over any Corelle online anymore, at least not for another few months.

I don’t want to make it a hobby collecting all these kitchenware, so makcik-makcik.
I just want to use them.

Ok, since I have wrote it down, I hope I will keep this promise to myself. Now let me enjoy my Corelle ;)

Food looks better and taste better on Corelle. (Lies!)

April 1, 2019

Shazam (2019)

Yesterday, after the morning mass, we went to watch Shazam. 
What a great way to end the midterm school holiday. 

I wouldn't say that Shazam is a great movie. 
The movie feels like a kid show to me. 
But, boy, I really had a good laugh. 
The jokes were good and spontaneous. I love it. 

Due to work commitment, we were not able to go for our vacation, yet again. 
But we had a food hunt adventure around town for the whole week. 
Yes, we did discover some new and exciting restaurant. 
We also revisit restaurants that we almost forgot about their existence. 

Emmett: This is the best school holiday ever! 
Mummy: What? Not even our Japan trips can beat this? 
Emmett: Ok, let me rephrase. This is the best school holiday in Kuching we ever have.
I happy that my kids had a good time.

Happy back to school everyone!

March 25, 2019

Systema Tooth & Gum Care

I have been using Oral-B for more than 20 years now.  And I have been hearing the Systema’s iconic advertising on radio every time I drive home from work.
I guess it’s time to give Systema a try.

Do you know that Systema is a Japan product?  
However, most of their product sold in Malaysia are manufactured in various countries such as China and Thailand.

Systema Toothbrush
Systema Toothbrush comes in various types that cater your individual needs.
My natural choice is this super thin charcoal toothbrush.

The obvious difference that I see on this toothbrush is the flexible neck.  It has a slim and flexible neck that give excellent maneuverability.  It reaches 5mm deeper to wisdom teeth area.  This is surprisingly comfortable and I really gentle how it feels on my gum.

I might never need to use the inter-dental brush to reach my wisdom teeth ever again. I loike.

Systema Toothpaste
For toothpaste, I have been using Sensodyn and my kids use either Colgate of Darlie.

So, this is the 1st time I try Systema toothpaste.  The 1st thing I noticed when I open up the Systema box is the unique shape of it’s top flip cap. For me, this is a very kids friendly feature.  My boys sometimes have problem opening the cover for other brands.  With this big cap, the kids can open it up easily. 

My wish list for toothpaste producer is that there will be no more toothpaste box in future. I am always bothered by the need of producing something without the real purchase, ie the toothpaste box. With the big Systema tube cap, I am sure it will stay up perfectly well on a rack, even without a fancy box :)

Systema Price
Let see the price for Systema product at our local store.
A pair of charcoal toothbrush cost RM16.20

Systema toothpaste cost RM12.55 per tube.

Give it a try, you might become a convert like me :)

March 19, 2019

Udang oh udang

Gara-gara udang viral yang melambak di pasar Simunjan, saya pun nak jugak cari udang.

Pagi Sabtu, dengan gigih nya bangun awal untuk ke wet market mencari udang segar.  Tak sanggup nak drive jauh ke Simunjan, kita ke market yang terdekat je.
Bukan udang sebarang udang, yang kita inginkan mesti udang galah jugak.

Nasib baik la ada satu stall yang jual udang galah. Happy sangat.
Udang segar ni masak apa je tetap sedap gak.

Untuk udang pertama, kite masak drunken prawn.
Satu udang je almost penuh periuk kecil ni.
Sangat puas hati, sangat fresh.

Udang yang lain masih duduk diam-diam dalam peti ais.

Btw, harga udang yang saya beli ni RM65/kg, kalau di Simunjan harga nya dalam RM55/kg untuk size yang besar ni, kalau di seafood restaurant ie TopSpot, harga RM100/kg masuk upah masak sekali.

March 15, 2019


Awak, awak tau tak apa itu pongkes?
Ala, bakul yang biasa digunakan bersama cangkul tu.

Tok sebenarnya sebahagian daripada kerja rumah anak saya dalam darjah empat.
Pecah palak juak pikir apa nama benda tok.
Bidayuh Bau nunggah nya Topang Jolat.
Rasanya sikda nama dalam bahasa english kali, sebab orang putih sik pake benda tok, ahakss.

So now you know..
Happy weekend peeps.

March 7, 2019

February 23, 2019

Review: Aloe vera hydrating facial mask

Beli facial mask ni from Watson.
Made in China.
Bau nya sedap.
Air nya kalau terkena mata, pedih.
Size agak kecil, tak menutupi seluruh permukaan muka iols.
Harga, dah tak ingat, tapi yang pasti kurang daripada 10 ringgit.

Overall ok la untuk harganya yang agak murah tu.

February 19, 2019

Ben & Mel

Date : 9th Feb 2019
Venue: St. Joseph Cathedral, Kuching
Dinner: DBNA Hall, Kuching

Here comes Emmett :)

The king and queen of the day.

Lovely decor.

The cold dish.

Yam Seng.

The party..

January 28, 2019

One Day in December by Josie Silver

This is the one book that I don’t want to rush to finish reading it.  It took me more than 1 week to complete it.  I felt so nervous every time I turned to a new page, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I don’t know what I wish to happen.

The story is so tangled (in a good way).   By reading slowly, I felt like I can slow down the whole experience, so that whatever happened, no one will get hurt and no one will regret it, including me :)
Because I know, time can heal (most) wound.

I am loving the friendship with Laurie and Sarah.
The ending? Not the best, but it's the beautiful journey that leads to the ending that count.

January 23, 2019

In My Kitchen #49

Spinach with 3 eggs

Chicken + Potato + Carrot

KL Hokkien Mee

Enjoying warm rose tea on a cold night while watching Diva channel.

January 21, 2019

Ayam Penyet at Rumah Hijau

Semalam kami dinner kat Rumah Hijau.

Perbualan kami setibanya di luar kedai..
Eugene: Aaa, I know this place, they sell Ayam Berlipat or something.
Mummy: Bukan Ayam Berlipat. Ayam Penyet lah.
Daddy: Next time you make your own new recipe, Ayam Berlipat, okay.

Perbualan di dalam kedai..
Me: Brapa harga Ayam Penyet jak, iboh nasi?
Waiter: Sik kamek tauk brapa harga ya.
Hmmm tak tau, tak nak ambik tau, tak nak membantu!
Takpe lah, since Eugene dah buat lawak di luar tadi, mood mak pun masih elok, kita teruskan jer lah.

See Rumah Hijau (2015)

Another totally unrelated conversations that I heard during my breakfast at 7am this morning in a coffee shop, from two ladies at the next table..
Lady A: Ko tauk, tikus di rumah aku, bra aku digigit nya.
Lady B: Nyaman juak bra ya.
They had a really good laugh about it.
Kalau aku la dalam situasi itu, confirm menggelabah dah, luckily we have our superhero cat at home, Mr. Kitto to the rescue.

Thank you, Mr Kitto.

January 13, 2019

Seafood Batu Lintang

Lama dah tak dinner kat seafood Batu Lintang ni.
Last kami dinner di sini belum ada bumbung lagi tempat ni.
FYI, foodcourt ni sama dengan kedai Rojak Kuchei yang beroperasi waktu pagi, waktu malam di sini ada seafood and juga satay.

So, today we had our early dinner at Lintang Yuan.  By the time we reach there, around 6pm, the tables were 50% occupied. We ordered our food, and services was so fast, we finished our dinner in less than an hour.

Here’s what we ordered..

Midin Belacan

Sweet sour talapia

Fried rice and white rice.

Total bill - RM52, excluding the drinks.

January 9, 2019

SMK G or K

Never knew that choosing a secondary school can be such a headache too.

So, my son was offered to 2 different secondary schools.  We only found out about his acceptance to the 2nd school on Christmas eve, which gave us only few days before the registration to make a decision.  When asked, which school he wanted to attend?  He said whichever, that's because his best buddies will be in either one of the school as well.

We list down the main pro and con for each school, but still we cannot decide, so we just wait until the very last minute to choose.

School G
Pro : nearer, less than 10km from home.
Con : afternoon session.

School K
Pro : morning session, mom and dad’s ex school, 
Con : Far, more than 10km from home (but near to daddy’s office).

Went for the registration day to both schools to listen to the taklimat by the Pengetua.  At the end, after discussion with my son, we decided to go for the little things and also the sentimental value.

January 3, 2019

Emmett is in Primary 4

1st day of school for 2019.

Tahun ni Emmett seoramg di sekolah rendah, abang Eugene dah masuk sekolah menengah.

1st time jugak Mummy tak cuti on 1st day of school, cuti tak approve.

Dah besar dah anak-anak mak, no more drama on 1st day of school. Sob sob.