October 2, 2019

Joker (2019)

I am having a mixed feelings.

Should I go watch Joker?

When I saw the trailer, it makes me feel like the movie is going to tell a story of how a person becomes a bad person.

I have watched The Dark Knight (2008) and I remember clearly how well Heath Ledger played his role as Joker in that movie.  And I read somewhere it says that he is into too deep with the character which leads him to his suicide.  Or is it in my dream?  Yes, that’s how bad my impression of Joker, it even gave me nightmares.

I have a bad feeling that this latest Joker movie is there to justify Joker’s behaviour. I just don’t want to feel bad at the end of the movie, and start forgiving him for the things that he had done.  I want a superhero movie, I want somebody from zero to hero type.  I don’t want a movie about bad guys. I don’t want a depressing movie.  I need a feel-good movie, why this year we are lacking of a good movie? Why!

If I ever going to watch this, I will update it here.
Maybe I will, been months since my last movie, there’s just nothing worth watching lately. Sad.

Ok, enough ranting.  Let me know if you have watched this. xoxo.

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