April 30, 2014

Running Man

Anak-anak pun dah terjebak sama minat ngan Running Man ni.
Sanggup tak nak pergi tengok The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Jumaat ni sebab nak tengok Running Man.

Ok, hujung minggu ni kita layan Running Man, only on ONE! 
  • Friday, 2 May 19:40
    EPISODE 168
  • Saturday, 3 May | 00:55
    EPISODE 138
  • Saturday, 3 May | 23:15
    EPISODE 137
  • Sunday, 4 May | 06:00
    EPISODE 168

April 28, 2014

Rumah Hijau Cafe (2014)

We had lunch at Rumah Hijau today.

He had..
Indian rojak - RM6.00
Nice, but still cannot beat Rojak Kuchei.

Nasi ayam penyek RM8.00
The price was at RM7.00 in 2010.
Nice, but this time the chicken are in smaller pieces and the sambal is a bit too spicy.

Ice lemon tea

April 27, 2014

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at CityOne, Kuching.

Homemade oyster mee sua - Rm6.90

I do not like it.

April 25, 2014

In My Kitchen #16

Mix fruit and veggie salad

Eggplant sambal

 Black pomfret
Creamy Mussel Soup served with homemade garlic bread

April 23, 2014

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, Kuching

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant is tucked away from the busy main road along Jalan Mendu, close to Chung Hua School No.5, Kuching.

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

We had:
  • Saba oroshi (sardine) with salad (RM20)
  • Salmon negi (spring onion) temaki (RM12)
  • Ebiko temaki (RM10)
  • Tempura mix - prawns and veggies
  • Garlic rice (RM2 each)
  • 2 free-flow of green tea (RM1.50 each) 
  • 2 can drinks (RM2.50 each)
 I love the saba oroshi and the garlic rice, the rest not so much.  My children still prefer Sushi King.

Phone: 016-874 8448
Operating Hour: Mon, Wed – Thu: 11am – 7pm / Fri – Sun: 11am – 2pm

April 22, 2014

Kaka's 8th birthday party

Kaka - my nephew's 8th birthday party at Mandarin Restaurant, Kuching.


Food are great but the place is bit too old.

Menu served that night:
Cold dish
Fish Maw soup
Oat prawn
Stewed Pork
Lemon Chicken
Steamed Talapia
Bayam with 3 eggs

April 21, 2014

In My Kitchen #15

Kailan with dried fish maw..again!

Egg with chives.. again!!

Plain porridge served with fried egg and sausage for the feverish Emmett

Almond Chocolate Cookies

April 16, 2014

Wantan Mee @ Ho Seng Kee, JB

Heard lots of great review about the Wantan Noodle in this Restaurant.
It is also 1 of the main reason why we choose to stay at 11@Century Hotel.
However we only manage to try the noodles on our last day in Johor; since our room include breakfast, every morning we were to full to have anything else.  On the last day I make sure I didn't eat too much at the hotel.  So here we go..

The wantan mee here is a bit different from the other places that I've tried.  There's no dark soya sauce in the noodle.  You can choose between spicy or plain noodle, I asked for a separate sauce just to give it a try.  The sauce is really really spicy (for me standard).  Luckily I choose the plain noodle.

The noodle is made fresh everyday,  the texture is soft and smooth.
The soup is so tasty, a bit of abalone taste.
 Writing on this post make me feel like flying over to JB to have a bowl this wantan mee now.

April 15, 2014

In My Kitchen #14

We had 4 very simple dishes last night, one for each of us.

Fried egg white for Emmett
Egg with chives for Eugene
Sardine from a can for Mummy
Veggie for Daddy

April 14, 2014

Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay

 The entrance fees to this Flower Dome is at Sg16 per adult and Sg11 per child.

On the 1st floor...
  Bottle tree!
Ok, 1 of the thing in my must-see list is achieved. *insert star jump here*

On the ground floor.. 


View from the top..

 My children love this place so much.

Exhibition running at that time is 'War of Roses'.  Beautiful indeed, though I wish it was "War of Tulips" - how wonderful would that be ..  next time nak pergi lagi dalam bulan April or May lah.

April 10, 2014

Life, Death, Earth and Planet

Selepas incident soalan cepu emas tentang baby, sekarang anak-anak dah start tanya pasal life, death, earth, and planet pulak.  Antara soalan nya..

Eugene: Macammana kita dapat kubur? Kubur orang semua dah ada nama.
Mummy: Nanti kalau kita dah ninggal, baru la kita akan ada kubur.

Emmett: Mummy, kalau Mummy dah tua, Mummy akan mati ka?
Mummy: Ye, kalau dah tua kita akan mati.
Emmett: Kalau macam tu, Mummy tak payah jadi tua la.

Emmett: Astronaut yang pergi ke space dapat makan ka?
Daddy: Dapat.
Emmett: Mereka makan apa?

Emmett: Kalau dah end of the world, macammana dengan kita?
Eugene: Jangan terlalu pikir pasal planet ka, end of the world ka.  Pikir benda yang penting macam homework ka, sekolah ka, itu saja.  Tak payah la nak susah hati sangat.

*It is hard to explain about life and death to them; now I would rather answers all the awkward questions about the formation of a baby.*

 I thank you Lord for these precious joy of my life.

April 8, 2014

Ichiban Ramen @ Aeon Tebrau

There's something about Japanase restaurant that makes my children always insisted to have a meal there.  My guess is the beautiful presentation of the food.

Ebi Fried - RM14.90.  Eugene's Fav

Takoyaki - RM8.90. Mum n Dad's fav, okla
Chicken Ramen - RM15.90.  But I still prefer ramen that we had at Marina Bay Foodcourt 2 years ago.

Kid set meal - RM12.90. For Emmett.

Green tea - RM2 each, refillable.

April 7, 2014

Captain America vs Divergent

Dah 2 Friday berturut kami dinner dalam cinema.

Last Friday, kami tengok Divergent.  
Minggu yang sebelum nyer tengok Captain America.

The super excited Eugene
Emmett's happy face and Eugene's not so happy face.

Best gak Divergent ni.  Rasa macam tengok Enders Game (2013), without any expectation but turned out to be great.

Jalan cerita ala-ala macam Hunger Game.  Tapi heroin tu agak stiff sikit.  Memang Stiff pun gelaran dia dalam tu pun.  Kalao Jennifer Lawrence yang berlakon cerita ni pasti akan lebih meletop.

Sequel nyer nanti pasti nak gi tengok, Insurgent (2015) and Allegiant (2016).

So our ratings:
Mummy : Divergent won; Captain America is too predictable.
Eugene : Captain America won.
Emmett : dia jawap 'semua cerita di wayang best, tapi yang paling best ialah Real Steel' - *budak ni memang kaki wayang tul*