April 1, 2014

Our Backyard Project

After considering the cost and also future maintenance effort, we decided to just have cow grass on our backyard; no fancy landscape, no fish pond and no jacuzzi too :P

Here's how the project goes...
This was before the project started - semak samun.

After all the weeds are cleared.

The sand, new soil and the 1st batch of the cow grass.

All the cow grass is in, contractor will stop by again after 1 week for trimming - notice the ugliness of the 1st batch's grass? We did complaint and the contractor said its not a problem, soon it all be good.  Ok, we just wait and see.

The tiny soil area is the only allowed area given by hubby for my future gardening.

tadaa... after 3 weeks, this is the final result.
Yup, all good and green.

*So, honey, now that we have our cow grass already, when can we move the cow in?*  toing..


Coffee Girl said...

*toing toing* LOL cows can run and play there :)

ez vina said...

toing.. cows can help to trim and fertilize the grass..haha

Sharon D said...

Lol..funny ^.^

Ez Vina said...


hujanpanas said...

how much does it cost? been thinking of getting one.

Ez Vina said...

About 2k.