March 25, 2019

Systema Tooth & Gum Care

I have been using Oral-B for more than 20 years now.  And I have been hearing the Systema’s iconic advertising on radio every time I drive home from work.
I guess it’s time to give Systema a try.

Do you know that Systema is a Japan product?  
However, most of their product sold in Malaysia are manufactured in various countries such as China and Thailand.

Systema Toothbrush
Systema Toothbrush comes in various types that cater your individual needs.
My natural choice is this super thin charcoal toothbrush.

The obvious difference that I see on this toothbrush is the flexible neck.  It has a slim and flexible neck that give excellent maneuverability.  It reaches 5mm deeper to wisdom teeth area.  This is surprisingly comfortable and I really gentle how it feels on my gum.

I might never need to use the inter-dental brush to reach my wisdom teeth ever again. I loike.

Systema Toothpaste
For toothpaste, I have been using Sensodyn and my kids use either Colgate of Darlie.

So, this is the 1st time I try Systema toothpaste.  The 1st thing I noticed when I open up the Systema box is the unique shape of it’s top flip cap. For me, this is a very kids friendly feature.  My boys sometimes have problem opening the cover for other brands.  With this big cap, the kids can open it up easily. 

My wish list for toothpaste producer is that there will be no more toothpaste box in future. I am always bothered by the need of producing something without the real purchase, ie the toothpaste box. With the big Systema tube cap, I am sure it will stay up perfectly well on a rack, even without a fancy box :)

Systema Price
Let see the price for Systema product at our local store.
A pair of charcoal toothbrush cost RM16.20

Systema toothpaste cost RM12.55 per tube.

Give it a try, you might become a convert like me :)

March 19, 2019

Udang oh udang

Gara-gara udang viral yang melambak di pasar Simunjan, saya pun nak jugak cari udang.

Pagi Sabtu, dengan gigih nya bangun awal untuk ke wet market mencari udang segar.  Tak sanggup nak drive jauh ke Simunjan, kita ke market yang terdekat je.
Bukan udang sebarang udang, yang kita inginkan mesti udang galah jugak.

Nasib baik la ada satu stall yang jual udang galah. Happy sangat.
Udang segar ni masak apa je tetap sedap gak.

Untuk udang pertama, kite masak drunken prawn.
Satu udang je almost penuh periuk kecil ni.
Sangat puas hati, sangat fresh.

Udang yang lain masih duduk diam-diam dalam peti ais.

Btw, harga udang yang saya beli ni RM65/kg, kalau di Simunjan harga nya dalam RM55/kg untuk size yang besar ni, kalau di seafood restaurant ie TopSpot, harga RM100/kg masuk upah masak sekali.

March 15, 2019


Awak, awak tau tak apa itu pongkes?
Ala, bakul yang biasa digunakan bersama cangkul tu.

Tok sebenarnya sebahagian daripada kerja rumah anak saya dalam darjah empat.
Pecah palak juak pikir apa nama benda tok.
Bidayuh Bau nunggah nya Topang Jolat.
Rasanya sikda nama dalam bahasa english kali, sebab orang putih sik pake benda tok, ahakss.

So now you know..
Happy weekend peeps.

March 7, 2019