August 30, 2016

Emmett is 7

I took a day off on Emmett's birth-day.  I want to spend more time with him on his special day, just the 2 of us.

In the morning, he went to school as usual.  Noon time, after picking them up from school, we drop Eugene off at the tuition centre and off we go for some fun at The Spring.

Emmett's idea of a fun day is very simple, he wants to browse around in Toys R Us.  I know he would love it if we can catch a movie but we might not have enough time to go and pick up Eugene later.

After going through few round of toys in Toys R Us, he still cannot decide which toys he wants to buy as his present.   Then we moved to Parkson toys section, there something caught his eyes.  Then we proceed to Ta Kiong and bought some of his favourite snack before picking up Eugene.

For dinner, we went to Big Oven (also his choice) for his birthday meal.

At home there's another surprise present awaits him.
He seems really happy and I am glad that our little date went well as planned.

Happy Birthday my boy.  Mummy loves you.

August 28, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 16

For Level 15, I had these in the Gym..
Vaporeon CP1374
Emmett changed my hair color to match my team color.

Flareon CP1098

I am at Level 18 now, if you are looking for Magikarp, go to Kuching Waterfront, all the way up to Sarawak Plaza, you can find plenty there.  And during weekend, Tun Jugah Food Court is putting up 5 Lure Modules.  So, if you are not Pokemon Fan, try to avoid these areas over weekend's nights, jam pack I tell you.

August 27, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 15

Didn't go to any Poke Gym in my Level 14.

But in Level 15, I had a few..
My Vaporeon CP1178

 My Vaporeon CP1296

The last one my Vaporeon CP1296 at Stone Lion Gym, 7th Mile, Kota Sentosa, Kuching.  Btw, if you are looking for Snorlax, go to this place.

August 26, 2016

Have an awesome weekend

My children are truly my happy pills..

Mummy: Eugene, give me an example of 'kata kerja'
Eugene: Engineer
*slap forehead*

Mummy: Emmett, when are you going to take your bath?
Emmett: Today

I found this book in Eugene's bag.
The Subject: Book of Awesomeness.

Btw, the content is still empty.

August 25, 2016

Pokemon Go | Level 13

I took down 1 Gym in my level 13.  I placed my Vaporeon CP903.

August 24, 2016

Pokemon Go | My 1st Gym

I won my 1st Poke Gym in my Level 12, and what did assign in my Gym?

A Weedle CP37, ahakss.. That's what clumsiness do to you.

My second Gym, I assigned a Vaporeon CP864.

Now I am at level 17, I am going to post about my Gym journey for my future amusement.  If you are not a Pokemons fan, you can skip my Pokemon Go posts ya ;)

Kawaii video Tokyo Olimpics 2020

Hontou ni kawaii...

August 23, 2016

HillTop, Damai Beach Resort

I have stayed in Damai Resort a few time in the past, but this is my 1st time staying in Hilltop.

The best part of staying in Hill Top is the view..

 Love the view from the balcony.

Here's the Hilltop Seaview Deluxe room..
And the washroom..
 The Resort has 252 spacious rooms and Suites in 2-storey buildings, chalets and ethnically-designed unit spread over its Beach, Hillview and Hilltop Wings.

August 20, 2016

Garden show, MBKS

Tomorrow is the last day for Kuching Festival 2016.
I have been to Kuching Festival Food Fair a few time in previous years.  Last Wednesday was my 1st visit for this year's and also mark my 1st time walking through the Garden show.

Some say this year's Garden show is not grand as compared to the previous years. Me, no comment on that but I kind of enjoy this little corner away from all the food and people at the food fair.  Small yet pleasant enough for me.

I especially love these recycle bottle flower pots.

Ok, what is a visit to Kuching Festival without browsing through the food stalls, right?
So here goes, seperti biasa, dah sampai sini mesti confuse nak makan apa, too much option spoil the appetite.

This time we had Mongolian Lamb satay, Fried mushroom, Egg tarts, BBQ chicken wings, nitrogen gas junk food (which I totally against it, but the kids were too excited to try out) and some Japanese food.

We went early and go back early to avoid the crowd.

August 16, 2016

Chong Choon Cafe, new location

The famous laksa cafe, Chong Choon is now operating at the new location.  It is still on the same Abell Road, right opposite of their previous location.

We were there 2 weeks ago and I had the usual, Laksa, while hubby had Mee Jawa Satay.

Wonder why the Sarawak Laksa was not as good as I remember they used to.  New chef maybe?

The new location is on the red pin.

August 15, 2016

Padawan Raft Safari 2016

I join the bamboo raft safari for the 1st time yesterday.  Our team started from Kampung Danu, and ended at Kampung Git.  That's 22km in total.

We took off at 9.40am and reach Kampung Git at 2.45pm.   The weather was super hot during most of our journey, but 15 minutes before reaching the end point, it rained so heavily with thunder and all.  It was quite an adventure and scary at the same time.

Thank God we completed the race safe and sound.

Will I do it again? Probably not if I can avoid it.  Bahu rasa nak tercabut tau!

As a kid, me, my cousins and my siblings used to built our own bamboo raft; cruising along the river in  my village.  That was one of the sweetest memory that I will always cherish.

August 10, 2016

Sushi at 149yen per plates, Kyoto

We discover this sushi place selling at 149yen per plate on the conveyor belt.

This is the cheapest sushi restaurant that we can find in Kyoto.
This restaurant is located on the ground floor of Kyoto station.  We went there twice, Eugene loves it so much.
All these are at 149yen each - scallop, roast beef, salmon, lobster, clam miso soup, ebi tempura.

August 7, 2016

Pokemon Go | Pokestop

ahaks.. Ada Pokestop dekat area rumah.  Tak payah gi jalan-jalan, dari rumah pun dapat reload balls.

Tengok, takde langsung Pokestop lain yang dekat.

Jauh nyer la Gym tu.

August 1, 2016

Summer Fruits in Keihanshin, Japan

Summer fruits in Kyoto...

Summer fruits in Osaka..

Lets see these Japan local fruits that I tried..
Apples - so juicy. The best apple I had in my life, so far. Price, 192yen each.
Peaches - honestly I never had peaches before, all the peaches that I saw in my hometown's supermarket are not that fresh/firm looking.  So my experience with peaches - Japanese peaches were indeed a memorable one. These are so much juicier that the apples.  I had quite a number of these peaches while in Japan, I even lost my voice on our last day there.  I think it must be due to all the yummyliciois fruits that I consumed, coz my hubby and kids, they did not have any sore throat symptoms.  Price range from 340yen to 1000yen each.
Strawberry - I read somewhere that says the Japanese strawberry are all red even in the inside.  So I Got to give it a try.  Yes its true.  Even the smallest and cheapest strawberry that I bought were all really red.  Price around 350yen - 398yen per packet.
Cherries - fresh, firm, sweet. Price range from 126yen - 590yen per packet.

Next, fruits that I didn't get to try...
Mango - 598yen  each.  Malas nak kotorkan pisau Aritsugu saya yang dah cantik dibulat, so I didnt buy these.  Rasa menyesal la pulak.  Price, 598yen each.
Watermelon - price between 390yen - 450yen per slice.

Banana - kesian, dah hitam dah pisang ni pun 100yen per plate.

Mikan - Japanese citrus, around 150yen-200yen each.

Kyoho - these are huge and expensive grapes, plus I have spent too much on peaches so I had to skip these.

Musk melon is also one of the famous summer fruit in Japan, they are quite expensive, I have tasted the fruit before, and I don't really fancy the taste, so I skipped these.

Ume - Japanese Apricots, I read that these can be quite sour, skipped these too.

Fruits, like any other things in Japan really make the trip (and the money) worth it.