August 30, 2016

Emmett is 7

I took a day off on Emmett's birth-day.  I want to spend more time with him on his special day, just the 2 of us.

In the morning, he went to school as usual.  Noon time, after picking them up from school, we drop Eugene off at the tuition centre and off we go for some fun at The Spring.

Emmett's idea of a fun day is very simple, he wants to browse around in Toys R Us.  I know he would love it if we can catch a movie but we might not have enough time to go and pick up Eugene later.

After going through few round of toys in Toys R Us, he still cannot decide which toys he wants to buy as his present.   Then we moved to Parkson toys section, there something caught his eyes.  Then we proceed to Ta Kiong and bought some of his favourite snack before picking up Eugene.

For dinner, we went to Big Oven (also his choice) for his birthday meal.

At home there's another surprise present awaits him.
He seems really happy and I am glad that our little date went well as planned.

Happy Birthday my boy.  Mummy loves you.


Rose World said...

Happy birthday to Emmett.

Nice way to spend time with your boy. A bonding between you and him.

Nimi said...

Ohh birthday Emmet! Happy birthday

Nimi said...

Ohh birthday Emmet! Happy birthday

Coffee Girl said...

Happy Birthday Emmet! Muh bujang yoh tih

Sharon D said...

Aaah .. sweet! You deserve a big hug, Ez for taking the day off just for this. xx