September 2, 2016

Taman Sahabat, Kuching

We went for an evening walk plus pokemon hunt at Taman Sahabat last Sunday.
There's a Gym and few Pokestops there, but we did not catch any rare pokemon, even with lure modules installed.  I still think the best place for pokemon hunt is at Kuching Waterfront, we caught lots of rare species there.

I am at Level 19 now, might go to waterfront again this weekend.  Really happy to see that our park especially Waterfront has became more lively now.

D'tea Pavilion cafe at friendship park served variety of food, got fried noodles, ice kacang, rojak, and many more.
 My last post on Taman Sahabat was in 2008, that time there's still no D'tea Pavilion Cafe yet.


Rose World said...

Long time did not go there. The last time the cafe was not there.

Ez Vina said...

Ya me too, my 1st time there after the cafe opened.

Sharon D said...

What a beautiful place, Ez. I need to visit Sarawak again. Only been here once and we stayed at a beach resort next to the Heritage Village.

Ez Vina said...

Come come, this time u need to stay in town, see the local life, eat the local food.