September 7, 2016

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan | Jellyfish

 Olindias formosa - These jellyfish have bright light green or pink tentacles.  They catch little fishes with highly-virulent tentacles and eat them.

Chrysaora pacifica - widely distributed in Japan.  Tentacles reaching several meters and highly-virulent, harmful for human.

Cassiopea - these jellyfish usually live at the bottom of the sea.

Beroe - Cucumber shaped comb jellies with a large mouth for eating other comb jellies.


Rose World said...

Beautiful jellyfish.

Sharon D said...

Lovely ..I've never seen such beautiful ones.

Coffee Girl said...

why am i looking at this and long for umai jelly fish? hahaha

Ez Vina said...

Beautiful right, Rose n Sharon. And very photogenic too.

Coffee girl: haha, good thinking, survival bah, carik mkn.