June 24, 2013

Trip to KL - June 2013

Had a 2D1N trip to KL last week.

Flight to KL was a bit trembling, plus a young boy keep on kicking my seat from the back...grrrr
And no movie in that flight also...boring..

Stayed at my usual place, Cititel Midvalley, did some shopping but not much coz no sales at that time.
Had all my fav food, Nasi Lemak from Nyonya Colors, lots of Durian crepe from Durian-durian, and also the Lo Han drinks..ahhh..
Man Of Steel in Midvalley

Nice view from my bed.

On the next day, travelled to Ara Jaya for a 1-Day, 1 to 1 course.

Goodbye room 2136.

The course was ok, at least I didn't feel sleepy.
Had a nice Japanese lunch sponsored by the trainer; who happens to be the Director of the company.

Finished course at 5pm, my taxi was already waiting for me.
Luckily I had make the arrangement earlier, else would be very difficult to look for a taxi in that area.

Went to airport straight away to catch the 7.30pm flight.
As usual... flight was delayed until 8.10pm.

Flight back was pleasant, plus got movie..yeay.

June 21, 2013

Eugene @ 7y9m

Fav drinks:
Ice Tea Peach
Mountain Dew

Fav food:
Roti canai susu
McDonald's apple pie
Mee kolok
Cangkuk manis with egg
Chives with egg
Meat ball kuey teow soup
Fried rice
Chicken rice

Fav Fruits:
Rose Apples

War game with daddy and brother Emmett.

At school:
Doing fine with no complaint either from him or the teachers.
Can do his homework with minimum guidance but need a little push.

Him.. Enjoying his school holiday with youtube browsing..

June 19, 2013

On Father's Day

We had our Father's Day meal at Rock Road Seafood.
No Mother's Day celebration for me this year coz on that day I was stuck in Bintulu; while on my way back from Miri due to some technical problem on MasWings ATR :(

June 15, 2013

Superman: Man Of Steel (2013)

Was expecting something like Smallville or Spiderman.. Turns out to be something similar to Thor (2011)!

Banyak pulak pelakon drama favourite kite dalam tu.  Christopher Meloni tu detective dalam drama SVU, patut la dia resign watak dia dalam latest session.

Amy Adams tu kakak kepada Annie Walker dalam Covert Affairs, patut la dia pindah dalam season 3.

Dan si Laurence Fisburne from CSI, yang tu tak payah bercerita la, tak minat la dia ni, tgk dia pasti teringat Matrix.

June 10, 2013

From Israel with love

My mother-in-law just came back from Israel. 

And she bought these for us.

T-shirts for Eugene and Emmett, dried fig and dates (kurma), Rosaries and a Cross necklace for me!

I love them all.

I have to admit, Israel was never in my wishlist of country to visit.  But after looking at all the beautiful pictures that my MIL took, I now totally change my mind.

An Israel Cross is a bit difference from the one that we have here.  I don't exactly know why.  Guess I will have to go there to find out some day..

June 7, 2013

Potted plant from MJC night market

Dah agak lama juga tak pergi ke pasar malam MJC.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to went there alone.  It's easier to go alone then dragging my kids along coz the weather was so hot.  Plus the place is getting very crowded now, unlike when it was started few years back where only a few people visit the market.  

Since my Uni time I like to visit night market, love to try various kind of food they have to offer.

However my main objective this time around was to look for some potted plants to add on to my current collection.

Well.. Here's my catch, 3 plants for RM29.

2 of the plants will join the other plants at the front corner of the house.  Pardon my mini Bonsai, I had just trim the leaves off.

And the 3rd one will join my air plants on the shoe rack.

Well let see how long I can keep these plants alive.  I don't really have a green hands in gardening... Sigh..

June 4, 2013

Throw Pillow cover

Cuti Gawai yang agak panjang ni dimanfaatkan dengan DIY Throw pillow cover.

One 1st day of Gawai, kami celebrate at my parents' place, on 2nd day kami ke kampung belah hubby. 

Hari yang lain, kami duk rehat-rehat kat rumah je.  Sambil tu sempat siapkan toss pillow cover.

Percubaan kali pertama ni membuahkan hasil yang amat muaskan.

Yang brown tu cover asal, yang bunga-bunga cover baru.

Yang ni pulak, cover ke-2 on the 2nd day.

1 hari buat 1 je, sambil santai-santai gitu kan.

Puas hati sangat, lain kali nak buat lagi lah.. Seronot sgt.