June 7, 2013

Potted plant from MJC night market

Dah agak lama juga tak pergi ke pasar malam MJC.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to went there alone.  It's easier to go alone then dragging my kids along coz the weather was so hot.  Plus the place is getting very crowded now, unlike when it was started few years back where only a few people visit the market.  

Since my Uni time I like to visit night market, love to try various kind of food they have to offer.

However my main objective this time around was to look for some potted plants to add on to my current collection.

Well.. Here's my catch, 3 plants for RM29.

2 of the plants will join the other plants at the front corner of the house.  Pardon my mini Bonsai, I had just trim the leaves off.

And the 3rd one will join my air plants on the shoe rack.

Well let see how long I can keep these plants alive.  I don't really have a green hands in gardening... Sigh..


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