September 23, 2018

Emmett is 9

No big celebration on Emmett’s birthday, but we did spend time together, do the things and eat the food of his choice on the day.

Prior to the day, he did request for a Shark or Dinosaur cake.  I ordered a Chocolate cake with shark image on it coz I cannot find a good Dinosaur cake.  Luckily he loved the cake.  As for his present, he requested for a set of Pokemon card, which cost only about a couple of ringgits. Simple anak mak ni, tak banyak songeh.

After school that day. I bought him to Aeon Mall, had his favourite drink, ice coffee blended, and Sugarbun for lunch.

For dinner, we went to his choice of restaurant, which is Chef At Home.  He picked the same restaurant for his birthday last year too.

After dinner and birthday song, we went home.  At home, there’s another surprise gift waiting
for him.  That’s our small celebration for his birthday this year.

Happy Birthday, Emmett.
Mummy loves you!

September 19, 2018

Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle, Vivacity

On Sunday, after our morning Mass at Blessed Sacrament, we went to Vivacity. Me and Emmett went to watch Alpha, while hubby and Eugene did some gadget update walkabout.

 After the movie, we went to try this newly opened Thai Boat Noodle cafe. Its on level 3, Vivacity, same level with TGV.

After my 1st taste of Boat noodle at Mangkok, I always wanted to try more of other Boat noodle, but I cant find any in Kuching, not until this latest cafe.

We waited for about 20 minutes, and we finally got our seats at 2.50pm. They have 4 choices for the soup, and 2 different type of noodle. They also have other menu like Thai salad, desserts, etc. I am here only for the Boat noodles.  

However, I find that the one that I had at Mangkok was more to my liking. So ya I am a bit dissappointed. But hey, that’s just me, you might like it more than I did. So why not give it a try, Only at RM1.90 per bowl, enjoy.

Anyway, happy belated Malaysia Day everyone!

September 2, 2018

My 1st SST 2.0

Today I got my 1st SST.
Yesterday makan kat kedai mamak jer, so takde kena tax.
Hari ni breakfast kat KFC, kena bagi cenderahati RM1.43, drive thru je pun, service apa nyer huhu..

Bertabah la..

September 1, 2018

Breakfast at The Wembly, Penang

There are so much choice at the breakfast buffet in The Wembly, I didn’t even bother with my usual hotel breakfast, which are bread, omelette and cereal.

Lets have a look on what I had during my stay there..

Day 1, porridge, cappucino, egg benedict with ratatouille sauce, fried wantan, dried fruits, almond milk tea and cakoi.

Day 2, spaghetti, bake tomatoes, ham, soba,mushroom, dumpling, dried fruits, almond milk tea and cakoi. The best almond tea I tasted.

Day 3,milk, miso soup, soba, ham, kueh jala and chicken curry.