September 18, 2014

Stampark Waterpark

Stampark Waterpark at BDC Stampin, Kuching  
Operating Hours: 
Monday - Sunday : 7.00am -9.00pm 

Entry Fee:
12 years old and above : RM6.50 per entry
Below 12 years old : RM4.00 per entry

Early Bird:
7.00am – 9.00am (Monday - Friday) 
Adult – RM4.00 Child – RM2.50 
* Not applicable during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. 

We love it, dunno why we never been here before.  

The pool is huge (ok, huge for Kuching standard).  Total 3 swimming pools altogether.  I can say that swimming is the only sport that we can enjoy together, doesn't matter if Emmett still can't swim, he enjoys playing and splashing the water.  Just 1 little problem, I hate how my hair feels like after the swim, keras macam dawai lah.  

Definitely will be coming back.


Sharon D said...

Keras macam!! Adakah ..

ez vina said...

ok, mybe that's a bit exaggerating, shud change it to 'keras macam dawai' kah kah ;)

Rose said...

Havent been there since they completed their new waterpark. Used to go there when I stayed at the opposite lane to this place.

ez vina said...

I envy those staying nearby this area, they own the swimming pool ;)
But the seasonal pass is quite expensive la.

Anonymous said...

How much per entry for adult and kids on weekend?