October 31, 2012

iCook n iEat weekend

Hujung minggu ni tadi dipenuhkan dengan pelbagai activity masak-masak dan makan-makan.
Jum layan..

Apple wrap pie
I used the wheatmeal wrap, which turned out to be not-so-wise choice, not crispy enough, but the filling were nice. Will try again using different wrap.

 Wholemeal tortilla wrap
Simple ingredients - anything yang ada dalam peti ais - Ramaine lettuce, marinated chicken breast, slice cheese and mayonnaise  - sedap, pasti akan buat lagi.

Recipe di sini, tapi kali ni saya tukar sikit. Ingat nak kurangkan tepung dan ganti dengan telur dalam white sauce. Turn out not a wise idea, better stick to the original indregredients.

My sister's anniversary
Eat all you can..

Last but not least.. Durian...

October 29, 2012

Pumpkin vs Squash



Butternut squash?

lalalala...Bagi saya semuanya Labu Kuning (or buak kroni in my mother tongue)
Dan pumpkin soup teramat lah sedap...

*Gambar dipinjam dari google*

October 23, 2012

Eugene and colors

Eugene says...

I want a RED car.
When I have a house, I want a YELLOW roof, RED living room, PURPLE kitchen and BLUE color for the outside wall.

*wah..sungguh colorful dunia anakku ini*

October 19, 2012

Borneo Oasis Wellness Centre, Hilton

Earlier this week I took a day off just to try out this package at Borneo Oasis Wellness Centre, Hilton:
  • 2-hour traditional Borneo full body massage package.
  • Includes foot scrub and massage, full body massage, and facial.
As soon as I arrived, I am served with a cup of ginger tea. That reminds me of my 'bitter sweet' memory during confinement.

After that, I was sent to a room to start the spa session by soaking up my legs in a warm water for 5 minutes.
After the foot spa, we proceed with the massage session, which I insisted on my back massage only. You will see the reason why in the end of this posting.  The whole session ended with a facial treatment.
Overall, everything was nice except that the therapist was a guy, a soft spoken guy. Ohh.. I felt so naked.  Now you kow why I insisted on the back massage only?!

I did not request for a change to a lady therapist because I did not want to risk of postponing my appointment, so I just go ahead with the arrangement.

The guy did a great job on the massage part, however the facial part was a so-so only.

Other comments...
The wall painted in black - sungguh la tak ceria.
The music on play - not to my liking.

October 13, 2012

Apa nak jadi?

Mummy & daddy :'Eugene masih nak jadi polis ka kalau dah besar nanti?'
Eugene :'Tak nak jadi polis dah, nak jadi doctor.'

Mummy & daddy :'Emmett nak jadi apa kalau dah besar nanti?'
Emmett :'ihhh.. Tak payah nak jadi apa-apa bah.'

October 10, 2012

One Santubong Hotel

 One Santubong Hotel formerly known as Santubong Resort

Might not be the best hotel in that area, but this is where the performers of Rainforest World Music Festival usually stay. So there's a good chance for you to catch they perform (free of charge) by the pool especially at midnight after their show.

October 9, 2012

Eugene's 1st swimming lesson

Ramai nya budak-budak belajar swimming...

Swimming Lesson in Kuching

* I'm not the service provider, I'm only sharing the short list of information that I have gathered - 29 Jan 2013*

Option A
RM40 for 8 hours (min) / 30days

Sat & Sun - 3pm to 5pm 1 hour x 8 / (max.per month)

What if its rain?
- lite rain will continue, heavy rain - no 

What if we cannot make it on that week?
- can use the 4 hours for the following week.

Can we come on both sat & sun?
- yes

Can we make it for 2 hours straight?
- yes

Is goggle needed?
- optional

Pros & Cons:
Cheaper & nearer.  Older facility.

Option B
RM70 for 4 hours  / per month

Sat  - 9am or 2pm (1 hour)

What if its rain?
- lite rain will continue, heavy rain - no 

What if we cannot make it on that week?
- n.a

Is goggle needed?
- yes

Pros & Cons:
More expensive but family can join swimming together.  Newer facility.

October 5, 2012

Taken 2 (2012)

Dah tengok Taken (2008) kena la tengok sequel nya Taken 2.

Cerita best, masih banyak aksi suspen, tapi kurang 'ganas' sikit banding dengan Taken (2008)
Bab Famke Janssen pulak macam kaku sikit.  Rasa nya dia tu lebih sesuai jadi pelakon X-men or witch ke, mesti sesuai sangat dia dalam cerita Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) nanti.

Dinasihatkan jangan bawa kanak-kanak menonton cerita ganas ni.

October 1, 2012

French manicure

My 1st french manicure.
I kind of like it, will do more of this..