October 10, 2012

One Santubong Hotel

 One Santubong Hotel formerly known as Santubong Resort

Might not be the best hotel in that area, but this is where the performers of Rainforest World Music Festival usually stay. So there's a good chance for you to catch they perform (free of charge) by the pool especially at midnight after their show.


Coffee Girl said...

renovated ka dayung? i never stay here.

ez vina said...

Ada renovate sikit, lobi dah kacak, tp bilik masih kurang memuaskan.
Mun personal trip better stay kat Damai Puri or Resort jak rasa ku.

Willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Aik? tukar nama dah?

ez vina said...

Willie: auk tukar nama, slalu juak tukar nama tempat tok, and tukar management, nek tok dah under Ting P.K. termasuklah project Santubong cable car.