October 19, 2012

Borneo Oasis Wellness Centre, Hilton

Earlier this week I took a day off just to try out this package at Borneo Oasis Wellness Centre, Hilton:
  • 2-hour traditional Borneo full body massage package.
  • Includes foot scrub and massage, full body massage, and facial.
As soon as I arrived, I am served with a cup of ginger tea. That reminds me of my 'bitter sweet' memory during confinement.

After that, I was sent to a room to start the spa session by soaking up my legs in a warm water for 5 minutes.
After the foot spa, we proceed with the massage session, which I insisted on my back massage only. You will see the reason why in the end of this posting.  The whole session ended with a facial treatment.
Overall, everything was nice except that the therapist was a guy, a soft spoken guy. Ohh.. I felt so naked.  Now you kow why I insisted on the back massage only?!

I did not request for a change to a lady therapist because I did not want to risk of postponing my appointment, so I just go ahead with the arrangement.

The guy did a great job on the massage part, however the facial part was a so-so only.

Other comments...
The wall painted in black - sungguh la tak ceria.
The music on play - not to my liking.


Rose said...

hahaha! Must be stressed in there with a guy massaging you. :p But good way to pamper yourself after a long working day.

Ez Vina said...

yup, 1st time having a man masseur; really nice but doesn't feel right :)

Willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Pergh! how much? i want to try tapi i don't want pondan.

Ez Vina said...

Willie: Normal price mahal, dalam RM400, tunggu offer boleh dapat in less than RM100. Ku rasa bukan pondan la tok, just soft-spoken jak :)