August 31, 2015

Big Oven, Jln Keretapi

Our 1st time here.

Nice cozy ambience..

We had..
Pizza - classic margherita RM17.80
Bbq Pork Loin RM24.80
Carbonara RM18.80
Lava chocolate brownie RM9.80

Food are yummy, highly recommended.

August 28, 2015

Damai Resort - Hillview

My room at the Hillview, Damai Resort.

Spacious room with 1 king size bed and 1 single bed.

Washroom looks a bit old.

The balcony.

View room the balcony.

August 27, 2015

Emmett's sketches #3 | ice-cream truck

An ice-cream truck.

Emmett's artwork..

Mum's color filling..

August 23, 2015

In my kitchen #35

Butter chicken

Baby kailan

Dabai from Sibu.  The one in red bowl cost RM26/kg, in cream bowl RM20/kg.  Both are yummy, but the RM26 are bigger and creamier.

Pulut panggang from Sibu and chicken curry from a can.

Thanks Mdm S for the Sibu delicacies!

August 22, 2015

Emmett's sketches #2.1 | monster vs army

The sequel: Here comes a fighter jet and more members of the army to fight the big monster.

Emmett's artwork..

Mum's color filling..

August 21, 2015

Emmett's sketches #2 | monster vs army

A monster wanted to destroy the house.  The army came to stop the monster.

Emmett's artwork..

Mum's color filling..

August 19, 2015

Emmett's sketches #1 | car

Emmett loves to draw.  He can spend hours on drawing lines and shapes, which most of the time only him can read and tell a story out of his sketchers.

I have always wanted to keep a digital record of his artwork, but I never did until today.  And I hope many more to come..

So here's my 1st sharing.

Emmett's artwork..

Mum's colors filling..

This little drawing, he does it while waiting for our food to arrive when we had dinner at Cheese n Tea just now.

Sorry son, my coloring did not do justice to your drawing, I promise once I have a Stylus pen, I will do better .. excuses :)

August 18, 2015

Emmett is 6

My baby boy is 6 years old already!

This year we have a series of mini celebrations for him.

1st - he celebrated with his cousins at my parents house at the kampung.

2nd - we had dinner for just the 4 of us.  He requested for a pizza, so we bring him to Big Oven to try out their tasty wood fired pizza.

3rd - he celebrated together with his friends at the school.
 Thank you Mdm C for these photos below..

August 17, 2015

1USD = 4.11MYR

Ok, all personal oversea trip is now officially on-hold until further notice.

Jadi pelancong miskin je kat negara orang nanti.. huhu.

Anak-anak, kita cuti-cuti Malaysia je la dulu ye.

August 13, 2015

Siem Reap 2015

My spending for our Siem Reap trip in June 2015..

Day 1:
Buns n sweets, KLIA2 - RM7
Breakfast at Quizinn, KLIA2 - RM14.85
Texas Chicken, KLIA2 - RM13.75
Airport tips - USD10
Drinks n snacks - usd3.30
Angkor Wat entrance fee per adult - Usd20
Little Italy - Usd21
The North face - usd60

Day 2:
3 Scarfs, 2 pants n t-shirt at Ta Keo temple - usd11
Lily Restaurants - usd4
Slipper - usd3
Lily restaurant - usd8
Keychains - usd3
Pub Bar - usd14

Day 3:
Drinks n snacks - usd3.50
Triangle bar - usd8.75

Day 4:
Souvenirs at Old market - usd17 + usd51
Blue Pumpkin cafe - usd10.10 + usd2.50
Dragon fruit shake - usd1
Red Piano restaurant - usd30

Day 5:
Airport Transfer - USD10
Airport tips - RM10

  1. Food in Siem Reap is a bit blend to me, but the drinks are too sweet. 
  2. Hygiene, looks ok, but saw 2 huge mouse at the back of the shophouse nearby Apsara Hotel, the biggest mouse I ever see!
  3. People are usually very friendly, which make us felt obligate to give some tips, maybe due to our 1st experience at airport checkpoint.
  4. Generally things here are very similar to  Krabi, Thailand
  5. No western food franchise, meaning no KFC, McD, Starbuck or whatsover.
  6. You can find RHB atm in Pub Street area, and I saw a Maybank atm at the airport, so no problem for Malaysian to take out some extra cash.

August 7, 2015

Noodle Descendent, Padungan

Long time did not have this Bishop gate noodle, the last we had these was in 2011.

This is our 1st visit since they moved to this new place in Padungan; they are using the new branding now called Noodle Descendent (since 1957)
There's people waiting for the seats, as usual
I don't see any sense of urgently in them
making the noodle, all seems slow n steady, while the customer were either having sleepy eye or pretending to be busy on their phone during the long wait.
slow n steady noodle in the making
We had to stand for about 20 min, got our seats and waited again for another 40 minutes..
Our drinks
Finally, the famous descendent noodle
And the bill for 2 persons.
I will only come back again if I really-really crave for it; else I will go elsewhere to get my mix pork dose, minus the waiting hour.

August 6, 2015

Hotel Somadevi Angkor Resort & Spa, Siem Reap

Why did we choose this hotel? Because of the good review and great swimming for the kids to cool off.
And yes, the kids love the pool so much that it was difficult to get them out of it.
Swimming pool

Our Deluxe Pool View room
Our room
The balcony
The washroom

Waterlily at the pool area, notice there are bees on all the flowers?!

The hallway
Our welcoming drink - cooling yummy lemon grass drinks
The only problem is on the 1st night, the aircond in our room was not working, so we had to change room in the middle of the night.

It is claimed that its only takes a 5 minutes by foot to get to the Night Market but we always took a tuk tuk, cost us USD2 per trip.  Too much walking around the temple, so just spend a few dollars more for comfort.

See Breakfast at Somadevi Angkor Resort & Spa, Siem Reap

August 5, 2015


Our conversation before we went to sleep last night..

Mummy: Eugene, berapa 9 darab 6?
Eugene: 54
Mummy: Berapa 9 darab 8?
Eugene: 72
Emmett: Mummy, apa darab tu?
Mummy: Tanya your Dad, dia kan selalu cakap dia pandai Math.
Emmett: Daddy, apa darab tu?
Daddy: Darab tu multiply.
Emmett: Apa multiply tu?
Daddy: Multiply tu macam berapa kali.
Emmett: ermmm..

Last-last Eugene jugak yang kena explain kat Emmett, memang fail la Daddy kalau dia jadi tutor Math.

Emmett n his money bag