July 31, 2014

Chalet @ Ranchan Pool

We rented a Semi-D chalet at Ranchan Pool for a day use earlier this week.
Ranchan Recreational Park is about 3km away from Serian town.

We wanted to go somewhere like Sematan or Lundu but all the resorts in that area were fully booked.  Then I thought why not go to Ranchan pool, The weather is just too hot to go to seaside anyway.

We did not want to go overnight coz we knew that there's not much things to do there. So we decided to have BBQ lunch get-together.

The Semi-D chalet cost RM80 regardless for day use or for overnight.  It comes with 2 bedrooms, a bath room and a living room.  This is consider very cheap for its size.

Bare in mind that this resort is NOT senior-citizen-with-walking-difficulty friendly; it is built at the slope of the hill.

One of our biggest disappointment is that when we find out that the river at the waterfall is almost dried out.  It has been dry here for the pass few weeks with very little rain.  The river is literally at stagnant. The kids had a good swim nonetheless.

So next time if you plan to go to Ranchan Pool, make sure to call this number to check if the river is in 'swimming' condition :)
Te: 082-876681
You can also book the Chalets thru the same no.


Rose said...

Long time didnt go there. Last time I went the water was dirty.

Sharon D said...

I miss chalet stays. This looks like a great place to go to read a book..lol

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, its my 1st time here.

Tia said...

Thanks for the info dear fren.....

EastCoastLife said...

Lovely, I would love to stay a day here ..... a change from city life. :)