July 13, 2014

Fresh cherry

Bought this fresh cherries from Ta Kiong this morning.  It costs RM15.21 for this packet.

It is so juicy and sweet; taste abit like plum but even better.

I dunno how fresh these are but I never tasted any cherries freshier than these.

Hope one day I can go somewhere to pluck a fresh cherry and pop it straight into my mouth... Wahhh.. Lets keep on dreaming shall we ;)


Sharon D said...

Dreams do come true ;)

ez vina said...

Amen :)

Coffee Girl said...

and why not? :D i like blueberry better. :-)

Ez Vina said...

Coffee Girl: Why not? Too much wishlist on my plate, takut sik terkejar, ongkos nya ngak kesampaian buk.

Blueberry? ohh..ku lum cuba yang fresh mpun, mala rasa blueberry jem jak..hihi.

Coffee Girl said...

fresh blueberry also easily available di Ting&Ting, Cold Storage, Choice Daily, dan kadang2 H&L. :-) sik manis gilak, sedang2 nyamannya

Ez Vina said...

Good idea dayung, I think musim berries la now, klak ku cuba.