August 25, 2008

Lee Garden

Lee Garden Restaurant, Sg. Pinang

Great food at reasonable price.

The Menu
Sea cucumber soup
Kailan Osyter Sauce
Steam red telapia
Sotong goreng

Marlin Inn

1 or 2 star hotel?
Opposite Lim Kok Wing University

Fang Yuen (2008)

Chicken curry gravy and salted veg soup

soy sauce, sambal belacan and cillies

Steam chicken and char siew

It's right behind Hock Lee centre

August 21, 2008


Lamp Chop - RM10.00

Garlic Bread - RM2.50

Mushroom soup - RM3.00

Ice lemon tea - RM1.50

August 20, 2008

Kim Lai Heng

Laksa Sarawak - RM3.50

Mee Kolok Special - RM3.50

Moss Cafe

Laksa Sarawak - RM3.50

Roti Cheese Telur - RM2.40

Teh Peng