October 30, 2011

Trip to Ba'kelalan & Merarap

*This is just a rough figure, might differ from time to time..

Flight tickets Kuching -> Miri -> Kuching - RM818
Flight tickets Miri ->Bakelalan -> Lawas -> Miri - RM194
Hotel Seri Malaysia -> Lawas Airport - RM12
4WD - RM1200

Mega Hotel, Miri - RM174
Homestay, Bakelalan - RM50 (exclude breakfast - RM5, lunch and dinner - RM20 each)
Merarap Hot Spring - RM60 (include breakfast)
Hotel Seri Malaysia, Lawas - RM120

Travelling gear:
Xlite backpack + water proof pouch + raincoat = RM320.+

Other essentials:
Energy bar

**sekarang dah tau dah nak beli travelling gear kat mana di Kuching ni, dulu asyik teringat Pertama Complex je.

I'm looking forward to Ba'kelalan Apple Festival in April this year.
Apple Festival is the best time to visit Bakelalan, but make sure you book your accomodation and transportation in advance during that season Bakelalan will be very pack with limited no. of Homestays there. Even your flight tickets need to be arranged much earlier.

may I ask you a few questions? :)
1) kitak pakei tour or pakej kah ms di ba'kelalan ariya. ke backpacking or jln2 sendiri?
One of my colleague is from Bakelalan, so he helps to arrange our trip.
Mostly jalan-jalan sendiri je.

2) 4wd di atas, is it for one way or return? from lawas kan? the price rm1200 for one person or for one transport? did u use twin otter directly from miri to ba'kelanan and going back from ba'kelalan to lawas by 4wd or vice versa?
4WD tu for 1 way from Bakelalan - Merarap - Lawas.
RM1200 is for 1 whole transport which can feed around 6 pax, if per person ride normally cost around RM100 per pax.
We took twin otter from Miri and a 15 minutes stop at Lawas, then take off to Bekelalan. No direct flight to Bakelalan at the moment. From Bakelalan we took 4WD to Merarap then to Lawas.
From Lawas we took twin otter back to Miri.

3) do u have any links or posts that i can refer to?
All my posts on the trip are here:

October 28, 2011

In Time (2011)

Buang masa betul la tengok cerita ni!
Sungguh tertipu dengan kehandsoman Justin Timberlake.
Apa la punya skrip, jalan cerita pun macam poyo;
idea ada tapi tak cukup research la..
Rasanya Justin Timberlake ni memang tak sesuai juga nak jadi hero,
kalau setakat supporting dapat kot macam dalam cerita facebook tu.

October 27, 2011

Ba'kelalan Apples

Ba'kelalan is famous for its apples,
which make it the best time to travel here would be in April and September every year for the harvesting festival.

When we were there last week, we just missed the harvesting season by a few days,
only the small size (rejected) apples were left for us.
Nonetheless, we managed to taste the sweetness of these famous Ba'kelalan Apples.
There are variety of apples here, among them are Manalagi and Rome Beauty.

October 26, 2011

Bunga durian

Pokok durian yang tengah berbunga di Ba'kelalan.
Kalau digoreng dengan ikan bilis dan sedikit belacan ni pun sodap!

October 24, 2011

ohh Ba'kelalan

Welcome to Ba'kelalan!

Ba'kelalan, life is so peaceful there,
the air is so fresh, and water in the stream is oh so cool and clean..

Ba'kelalan is one of the most important Lun Bawang settlements in the northern highlands.
The village is connected to Lawas and Miri by air, and it is also possible to travel to Lawas via an old logging road. About 3-4 years ago, it used to take the villagers about 3 days journey just to get to Lawas town, now it takes about 5-6 hours drive along the bumpy logging road.
The distance is only about 150km, but the road condition is so bad, that you can only travel by 4x4 on it.

October 20, 2011

Ba'kelalan (Sarawak Divisions)

Ba'kelalan is in Lawas district, which belongs to Limbang division.

Sarawak presently has 11 divisions – Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman, Miri, Sibu, Bintulu, Sarikei, Betong, Mukah, Limbang and Kapit.

(angka menunjukkan keluasan dalam kilometer persegi):-

October 19, 2011

Northern Region of Sarawak

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of 2011?
Join me for the unforgettable journey to Ba'kelalan, Sarawak, where adventure lives.

We will start our adventure from Miri,
take the twin-otter plane to Ba'kelalan,
From Ba'kelalan we will get a special 4WD, travel along the rough timber road (our playground)
to get us to Merarap Hot Spring.
After a refreshing bath and enough rest at Merarap Resort, we will continue our journey along timber road again, this time to Lawas.
Finally from Lawas we will take another twin-otter plane back to Miri.

Here's how our journey looks like from the big picture.
And here's the zoom in map..
So stay tuned for more updates...

October 18, 2011

Real Steel (2011)

Last Sunday sempat bawa Eugene and Emmett tengok Real Steel.
Eugene punya la seronok, siap hentak-hentak kaki lagi setiap kali robot Atom berlawan,
dia takut Atom kalah.

Ada sesuatu yang kurang dalam poster cerita ni,
gambar budak tu - Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo)
Rasa nya budak ni juga antara penyebab kenapa cerita ni sangat best.
Dakota Goyo ni dilahirkan di Toronto, Canada; patutla dia hebat menari ala Justin Bieber gituu..
oh ya, budak ni juga ada berlakon dalam cerita Thor,
dialah Thor masa muda tu.

Ok enough said, just go and watch :)

October 16, 2011

Emmett @ 2 years 2 months

His new sentences/words...

1. Mak wat tik bih. (Don't be like that)
2. Pitoi (pistol)
3. Botoi (botol)
3. Cocodile (crocodile)
4. Mummy, jak duduk datik (Mummy, come and sit here)

*Selalu nyer kalau dia guna babytalk, cuma Eugene jer yang faham, so Mummy akan minta Eugene tolong translate-kan.
*Other delevopment, we have introduced potty training to him.
*Fav game is still Angry Bird
*Night sleeping pattern is getting better, hopefully will improve further :)
*perkataan yang nya masih confuse: terbalik = ottok balik (kita balik)

October 10, 2011

Dapo cafe

After searching hi and low..
akhirnya jumpa juga tempat yang ada menjual nasi dagang yang boleh la tahan..
iaitu di Dapo cafe, Satok.

Nasi dagang ni berharga RM5, kalau nak yang special ada jugak RM8, ikannyer besar la skit kot.

Yang ni nasi ayam penyet RM7,
tapi masih tak dapat melawan kehebatan nasi ayam penyet di Rumah Hijau cafe, Satok.

Selain daripada 2 menu ini,
Dapo cafe juga ada menjual ayam percik ...ok-ok je,
kuih jala dengan kuah kari ...sedap,
dan nasi kerabu ...tak minat sangat.

Li Garden Restaurant 2011

Happy 13th Anniversary to my sister and BIL.
On that special day, we were treated with a special lunch at Li Garden, Hock Lee Centre.
Here are some of the dishes that I managed to capture ...in between handling my super clingy Emmett.


White pomfret with vege


Peking duck

Duck with XO sauce

the foods...

the family..

and the most special dish is the cold dish, served in a bot-style plate, tapi tak sempat ambil gambar sebab sedap sangat.
Once again thank you very much sis :)

October 6, 2011

BabyTV - Channel 618

Emmett dah berapa hari dah tak tengok TV, asyik layan Angry Bird je mane tak nyer...so malam tadi kami turned on to BabyTV... dah tak dapat channel dah..
Lupa-lupa nyer free trial period dah habis yer?!
Nak kena bayar lebih kat Astro lagi la nampak nyer...


BabyTV offers a world of unique content dedicated to growing infants and toddlers and their parents. Available on over 400 platforms in 90 countries and reaching 40 million+ homes in 17 languages, BabyTV Channel is a 24-hour commercial-free television service that is distributed and enjoyed worldwide. BabyTV endeavors to remain a leader in developing and delivering quality content and products that are effective for early learning.

To all Astro subscribers, thank you for watching our preview of Baby TV - the world’s first channel dedicated to infants, toddlers and their parents.

The preview will end on 30th Sept. Subscribe to Baby TV now, on Astro channel 618 at just RM 5 per month.

To subscribe, call 1 300 82 38 38 or SMS: ASTRO10 digits Astro Account Number#babytv and send to 32888. (Eg. ASTRO 1234567899#babytv)

*more info at Astro.com.my

October 4, 2011

Sarawak Tourism Award

Majlis telah diadakan pada 1st Oct 2011 bertempat di BCCK, Kuching.
Senarai pemenangnya adalah seperti berikut:
  • Best 5 Star Hotel (Miri Marriott Resort)
  • Best 3 Star Hotel (New World Suites)
  • Best Lodges/B&B (Singgahsana Lodge)
  • Best Homestay (Santubong Homestay)
  • Best MICE Hotel (Damai Beach)
  • Best Green Hotel (Hilton Kuching)
  • Fine Dining (Ristorante Beccari, Merdeka Palace)
  • Local Cuisine (Islamic Nyonya Cafe, Sibu)
  • Kopitiam (One O One Cafe, Kuching)
  • Hawker (Top Spot Foodcourt, Kuching)
  • Night Spot (Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace)
  • Creative Innovation (Miri City Council)
  • Best Publication (Borneo Talk)
  • Best Travel Agent (Cat City Holidays)
  • Best Handicraft (Kraftangan Manik Seramik Long Tuma, Lawas)

October 3, 2011

Induction Course

Day 1
8am - 6pm : Executive talks

Day 2
8-4pm, 7.30-9.30pm : Executive talks

Day 3
8-6.30pm : Executive talks

Day 4
8-6.30pm : Executive talks

Day 5
8am-11.30am : : Executive talks
2pm : off to Ocean Beach, Lundu

Day 6
1pm : start our journey back to CMM
3pm : reach CMM

Day 7
7.30pm - 9.40pm : group discussion

Day 8
8am - 4pm : Public Speaking
7.30pm - 10.30pm : VIPs talk
YB. Speaker DUN Negeri Sarawak & YBHG. Pengerusi SPANS

Day 9
8am - 12.30pm : Group Presentation
2.00pm - 10.00pm : Executive talks

Day 10
8am - 12.30pm : Executive talks
2.00pm - 3.00pm : Practice for performance during farewell party

Day 11
10.30am - Exam
11.30pm - Reflection Session
2.00pm - Farewell party