October 19, 2011

Northern Region of Sarawak

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of 2011?
Join me for the unforgettable journey to Ba'kelalan, Sarawak, where adventure lives.

We will start our adventure from Miri,
take the twin-otter plane to Ba'kelalan,
From Ba'kelalan we will get a special 4WD, travel along the rough timber road (our playground)
to get us to Merarap Hot Spring.
After a refreshing bath and enough rest at Merarap Resort, we will continue our journey along timber road again, this time to Lawas.
Finally from Lawas we will take another twin-otter plane back to Miri.

Here's how our journey looks like from the big picture.
And here's the zoom in map..
So stay tuned for more updates...


Coffee Girl said...

Best eh Roadtrip! Best!

Rose said...

Wah! so far I go is Sibu. Maybe some day as far as to Miri! :P Look forward to see updates on your road trip. Safe journey and enjoy yourself!