October 10, 2011

Li Garden Restaurant 2011

Happy 13th Anniversary to my sister and BIL.
On that special day, we were treated with a special lunch at Li Garden, Hock Lee Centre.
Here are some of the dishes that I managed to capture ...in between handling my super clingy Emmett.


White pomfret with vege


Peking duck

Duck with XO sauce

the foods...

the family..

and the most special dish is the cold dish, served in a bot-style plate, tapi tak sempat ambil gambar sebab sedap sangat.
Once again thank you very much sis :)


Rose said...

Never personally been there for dinner or lunch, but tried its food catering before. Love it

Coffee Girl said...

I was looking for the pomfret ... tapi cuma nampak ekor jak. Lol.

they serve lunch ala carte for small group too right?

lvynana said...

Rose: I like it here, 2nd choice after Banquet thou for chinese cuisine.

Coffee girl: once again, you have a very sharp eye girl. The fish actually served in 2-style, bahagian siripnya telah dipotong dan digoreng tepung-ranggup, bahagian isi (ekor) dimasak bersama sayur, isinya pun ada yg digolong dengan ham juak, that y yang nampak macam pomfret cuma la ekor saja.
yup, ada serve ala-carte bah.

Coffee Girl said...

Oh... u mean dah dioperate? hmm... creative. so ekor ya pakei hiasan jak la tek? hahaha! so that people know it's fish! smart one.