October 6, 2011

BabyTV - Channel 618

Emmett dah berapa hari dah tak tengok TV, asyik layan Angry Bird je mane tak nyer...so malam tadi kami turned on to BabyTV... dah tak dapat channel dah..
Lupa-lupa nyer free trial period dah habis yer?!
Nak kena bayar lebih kat Astro lagi la nampak nyer...


BabyTV offers a world of unique content dedicated to growing infants and toddlers and their parents. Available on over 400 platforms in 90 countries and reaching 40 million+ homes in 17 languages, BabyTV Channel is a 24-hour commercial-free television service that is distributed and enjoyed worldwide. BabyTV endeavors to remain a leader in developing and delivering quality content and products that are effective for early learning.

To all Astro subscribers, thank you for watching our preview of Baby TV - the world’s first channel dedicated to infants, toddlers and their parents.

The preview will end on 30th Sept. Subscribe to Baby TV now, on Astro channel 618 at just RM 5 per month.

To subscribe, call 1 300 82 38 38 or SMS: ASTRO10 digits Astro Account Number#babytv and send to 32888. (Eg. ASTRO 1234567899#babytv)

*more info at Astro.com.my


Ms Tikot said...

Astro biasalah... mula2 free, pas ya srh org byr. Promotion katanya ;-)

Mummy Gwen said...

The subscription fees is getting more expensive!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hehe...lucu entry kali ni. Awal awal nampak dayung yg tulis, tiba-tiba ada iklan astro baby tv. Haha!

Tapi saya tak sedar ada rancangan ni. Huhu....

lvynana said...

Ms Tikot & Mummy Gwen: yup Atro cekik darah.

Willie: lucu ya? itu la saya letak *** in-between, lain kali nak letak lebih panjang lagi la ;