December 30, 2008

Hoover Hotel

Add : 139, Club Road, 95000 Sri Aman, Sarawak
Tel : 083-321985
Fax : 083-321520
Room Rate : RM60.50
Location : Same building with Everrise, right in front of Sri Aman's roundabout.

December 28, 2008

Sibie & Rua

Date : 27th Dec 2008
Venue : RH Jiram, Entulang Kasai

Congratulation to Sibie & Rua

December 20, 2008

Honda CRV QKN3***

Tempat : Everrise Bt. 4
Date : 20 Dec 2008
Time : around 10.30am
Lain kali park keta tu elok²,
jangan main block jer keta org lain!

December 16, 2008


What do you call this fruit?
We call it buah topui

Mengikut kata orang tua-tua,
kalau buah topui dan buah belimbing hutan (kulit warna merah tu) sudah mengeluarkan hasil, itu tanda nya musim buah sudah tiba ke penghujungnya.

December 15, 2008

Mutiara selepas Hujan

Paulsta & Jusnita

Date : 13th Dec 2008
Venue : Grand Continental

Congratulation to Paulsta & Jusnita

December 5, 2008

My Spending - Dec 2008

Teck Kong 6.70
Parkson 38.70
Ta Kiong Chocolate 5.95
Parkson 129.00
Ta Kiong Chocolate 2.60
Cosway 216.00
H&L MJC 48.90
Cosway 30.80
Unaco 13.00
H&L MJC 51.10
688 36.00
Choice Premier 73.65
H&L MJC 13.90
Ta Kiong Chocolate 6.95
Everrise 4th Mile 180.00
688 6.80
Cosway 32.60
Ngiu Kee 29.90
X'mas Cakes 139.00
Unaco 39.90
Cosway 17.30
Ayam Cold Storage 22.10
GG Supermarket 6.50
Tepung 6.00
Everrise MJC 84.90


Water Board 6.31
Astro 49.95
Sesco 60.40

December 4, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yeay..20 days more to go!

Merry Christmas / Merry X'mas

The labarum, often called the Chi-Rho, is a Christian symbol representing Christ.

In ancient Christian art, χ and χρ are abbreviations for Christ's name.

There is no grand scheme to dilute Christianity by promoting the use of Xmas instead of Christmas. It is not a modern invention to try to convert Christmas into a secular day, nor is it a device to promote the commercialism of the holiday season. Its origin is thoroughly rooted in the heritage of the Church. It is simply another way to say Christmas, drawing on a long history of symbolic abbreviations used in the church. In fact, as with other abbreviations used in common speech or writing (such as Mr. or etc.), the abbreviation "Xmas" should be pronounced "Christmas" just as if the word were written out in full, rather than saying "exmas." Understanding this use of Christian symbolism might help us modern day Xians focus on more important issues of the Faith during Advent, and bring a little more Peace to the Xmas Season.

* Just my humble opinion

source :

December 2, 2008

Smiley Moon

Did anyone see the smiley moon last night?

December 1st, 2008 – Venus, Jupiter and Moon form “smiley face”

In the last week in November and the first week of December 2008, the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, will be close together in the evening sky, forming a spectacular double. The two are closest together on Monday December 1st, with Venus lying about 2 degrees to the South (left) of Jupiter. On the same night the Crescent Moon will appear just beneath them, forming a “Smiley Face”.

Upper diagram shows graphic representation of the event.

source :

I didn't see it, but few of my friends did...arghh..why oh why!

On Fire!

2nd Dec 2008, fire behind Hilton, not sure where it comes from..

1.33pm1.51pm - still can see some smoke coming up!