December 5, 2008

My Spending - Dec 2008

Teck Kong 6.70
Parkson 38.70
Ta Kiong Chocolate 5.95
Parkson 129.00
Ta Kiong Chocolate 2.60
Cosway 216.00
H&L MJC 48.90
Cosway 30.80
Unaco 13.00
H&L MJC 51.10
688 36.00
Choice Premier 73.65
H&L MJC 13.90
Ta Kiong Chocolate 6.95
Everrise 4th Mile 180.00
688 6.80
Cosway 32.60
Ngiu Kee 29.90
X'mas Cakes 139.00
Unaco 39.90
Cosway 17.30
Ayam Cold Storage 22.10
GG Supermarket 6.50
Tepung 6.00
Everrise MJC 84.90


Water Board 6.31
Astro 49.95
Sesco 60.40


Gallivanter said...

How I wished I have the same expenditure going bankrupt before the mid of each month! Arrghh!!

Willie said...

Uih? How about food?

lvynana said...

gallivanter : wait till you see at the end of the month, besides it's festive season..mesti byk belanja.

willie : groceries belum buat stock up gik. Makan kat luar sik masuk dalam tok, sik terkabe mok keep track dah.

Sumuk said...

nang ada sik terkabir.. tahan tahan.. you can do ot..

p/s: dah byk gilak makan luar la ya..

cdason said...

yeah.. I agree with Gallivanter.. I'm also totally broke by mid month :(

One Other ... said...

sikitnya! perbelanjaan berhemah kah? hahaha.

aku dah almost RM300 spent on personal effects, as consolation to myself.

SCL said...

Hi there - hadn't realised you had put a link for me on your site - I'm doing some updating and will be putting a link on my "Yum Yum" blog-roll soon

Steve - My Dog Ate Art