August 31, 2013

In My Kitchen #10

Kailan beef (ada meatball sesat for the kids)

Ikan goreng - kegemaran Emmett

Baby kailan + carrots

Tempoyak goreng

August 28, 2013

Swee Kang Ais Kacang 2013

Umai Jelly Fish - RM6 + extra keropok RM1

Ais kacang dengan santan

Ais kacang dengan susu

See Swee Kang Ais Kacang 2012, tapi yang ni kat cawangan lain, dekat kedai.
Yang kali ni dekat rumah, sini je yang ada Umai special tu.

August 27, 2013

Sharing Planet @ Stapok

Nice western dining.
Great atmosphere.
Value for money.

Sirloin steak in black pepper sauce

Ice-cream chicken chop...yummy

Total including drinks (coke & ice lemon tea) are RM50.20

August 24, 2013

Elysium (2013)

Aksi padat.
Penuh emosi.

August 23, 2013

Emmett at 4 years old

Start schooling at the age of 4 years and 2 days old.  

Day 1: Cried out loud for few second when I left him at the nursery.
Picked him up at 1pm from the school.
He sleep quite late that night, keep on rehearsing his schedule for tomorrow.  He even requested fried chicken for his bekal tomorrow.

Day 2: Mummy woke up early to fry chicken wings.
Sent Emmett to school, he keep on reminding me to leave my number to the teachers.
Picked him up at 4.20pm, teacher said he cried a bit during afternoon nap.  

Day 3: Sent him to school at 7.30am, Mummy went to work.  Mission for the 2 days leave is consider as complished :)

Muka sedih sambil breakfast.  1st day nak ke pre-school.

August 16, 2013

Oldtown White Coffee

My lunch at Oldtown white coffee, but no coffee for me today, coughing badly these few days.

Oldtown white coffee, great food but service not that great..

Hari ni lunch sorang sebab laling masih dalam meeting :(

August 15, 2013

In my kitchen #9

Fried eyed flounder fish - ikan sebelah

Bone soup - soup tulang dengan lobak putih

Baby kailan

Half side for Eugene & Emmett - tuna + sausage + pineapple
For Mum & Dad's side - Tuna + capsicum + tomato + mushroom + pineapple

August 14, 2013

Few cents difference

One day at a nearby fruit stall.

Me: How much is this Mango?
Stall owner: Rm10.20
Me: Rm10, can?
Stall owner: Cannot, I'm selling it cheaper than the other stall.
Me: Ok

Few months later, at the same stall.
Me selecting Rose apples and pass them to the stall owner for weighting.
Stall owner: Total Rm5.20, I add another one to make it Rm6.
Me: No need lah.

While she busy choosing another Rose apple, I'm also searching inside my handbag for that Rm5.20.

Stall owner: Here's another one, total Rm6.10, I charge you Rm6 only lah.
Me: I don't want.
Me handing over Rm5.20 to her.
Stall owner: But I already add in another one.
Me: I don't want it.
She takes one Rose apple out; I take the plastic bag and walk away.

*Btw, if you want me to pay extra, will you at least let me choose my own fruit?  I always hand pick my own fruit except Durian.  Still learning the art of a good Durian.*

Rose apples, one of our fave fruits.

August 5, 2013

Grand Margherita - Macam2 Ada Ramadan Buffet 2013

Tahun ni dapat lagi merasa buffet macam-macam ada di Grand Margherita.

Kita mulakan dengan hidangan dari Japan and China.

Hot n spicy soup.

Penang char kuey teow - too spicy, I think last year's tasted better.

Steam mussels Mekong style and Arab Rice - nice and yummy!

ABC - air batu campur.

Penutup makan buah and cakes..
Ahh kenyang..

August 2, 2013

Imperial Boutec Hotel, KK 2013

Kali ni kami pilih Imperial Boutec Hotel.
Sebab utama - senang nak jalan ke tempat2 yang kami nak tuju.  Tak payah la kami sewa keta kali ni.

Hotel ni ok je, yang kurang best nyer lobi terletak kat 7th floor, Warisan Square.  Mula nyer ada susah sikit nak cari, dah la kat lift bawah pun takder signboard langsung.  So ada rasa kurang konfiden sikit.

Tapi once dah kat lobi and check in semua - OK dah..
Plus the sea view from our room memang cantik!

At the lobby, anak-anak yang kepenatan.

Inside the room, clean but small.

The best part is the view, we opt for a room with sea-view; look at that.  I can stare at this for hours.