August 14, 2013

Few cents difference

One day at a nearby fruit stall.

Me: How much is this Mango?
Stall owner: Rm10.20
Me: Rm10, can?
Stall owner: Cannot, I'm selling it cheaper than the other stall.
Me: Ok

Few months later, at the same stall.
Me selecting Rose apples and pass them to the stall owner for weighting.
Stall owner: Total Rm5.20, I add another one to make it Rm6.
Me: No need lah.

While she busy choosing another Rose apple, I'm also searching inside my handbag for that Rm5.20.

Stall owner: Here's another one, total Rm6.10, I charge you Rm6 only lah.
Me: I don't want.
Me handing over Rm5.20 to her.
Stall owner: But I already add in another one.
Me: I don't want it.
She takes one Rose apple out; I take the plastic bag and walk away.

*Btw, if you want me to pay extra, will you at least let me choose my own fruit?  I always hand pick my own fruit except Durian.  Still learning the art of a good Durian.*

Rose apples, one of our fave fruits.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Aha! I always choose my own fruits.

ez vina said...

Willie: kan....!

Coffee Girl said...

Nya round up figure juak tek...kedak bank negara... :D.

Ez Vina said...

auk, nya sik mok rugi 20sen aku sik mok rugi 80sen...haha sgt berkira nek tok, barang dah naik rega, gaji lum naik gik tok.