June 16, 2017

Once Upon A Cafe, Kuching

Our new port, Once Apon A Cafe, Brighton Square, Kuching.
We enjoyed coming here, except for Emmett,  he will give execuses not to go there, tak tau la kenapa, dia cakap aircon kat situ sejuk sangat, maybe we should change our seat next time.

So far, dah 2 kali kami dinner kat sini.

We had..
Tomato kuey Teow Special - RM9.90

Nasi goreng pattaya - RM9.90
We ordered this both time we were there.

Chicken chop - RM16.90

Shishamo - RM12
Macam kurang fresh je ikan tu.

Saya paling suka Tango Mango ni, RM8.90.
The mango are so fresh and sweet.

June 7, 2017

Gawai 2017

Gawai, as usual we went back to kampung to celebrate with our family.

This year, Eugene and Emmett are old enough to help out with the BBQ on Gawai eve.
Seronok sidak, dah ada green light untuk dekat ngan api.

Our family photo.
Gawai Decoration at home - live plants from my mum's garden + rattan crafts.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

See Gawai 2016.

June 5, 2017

My lunch | Hong Zao Ji

 Musim cuti sekolah ni boleh la nak berlagak sikit bawa bekal ke opis kan.. 

Here's my lunch for today.. 
Kita panaskan dulu sebelum makan, sambil tu boleh la potong buah dulu.
 Hong Zao Ji, and chicken with sweet corn soup.

Dah kenyang makan nasi, kita makan buah, golden kiwi.

Kitto went to ward

So, our cat Kitto injured his head.  Not sure due to some cat fight or something else.

The wound looks bad, we had to bring him for treatment.  This is the 1st time he visited a vet.

See how worried Eugene was.

He needed some stitches on the head and had to be admitted to 2 nights.  Hopefully he will be fine, and come home as Kenshin ;)

3 After 3 nights in the wards, it finaly time to go and bring him back..

He is all fine and back to his naughty self now.