June 29, 2017

Manila 2017 | Food on Day 2

Breakfast at The Marriott Cafe.
Dried squid, tocino,tuna sushi, smoked salmon, bacon.
Yes, I am a meat person. Even the cranberry juice looks bloody.
2nd round: eggplant cheese, peach, jackfruit, watermelon, and milk. 

*Lunch at Marriott Hotel, Manila.
Kilawin - Philippines version of Umai, hummus, beef stew, pita bread, steamed fish with mango, cheese cake.

*Dinner at the Philippine International Convention Centre.
Fish, beef, rice, noodle, tomato cheese and veggie wrap.

Ube Brazo de Mercedes, with egg and milk.

Halo - halo (Pinoy version of ice kacang), sticky rice kueh.

The making of Halo - halo..

*hosted by Philippine Department of Tourism


Rose World said...

Wow! Hotel buffet is always tempting. Ube Brazo de Mercedes. Fancy name.

Sharon D said...

The dessert and snacks looks so yummy ..hungry I.