June 30, 2017

Manila 2017 | Food on Day 3

Breakfast at The Marriott Cafe.
Garlic rice, baboy adobo, honey ham, smoked salmon, tomato, mushroom, miso soup, and 4 seasons drinks.


 Taho, Philippine version of Tau Fu Fa.
Popular Filipino street food make of silken tofu, caramelized sugar, syrup and tapioca pearls.

*Lunch at Marriott Hotel, Manila.
Saffron rice, chicken makhanwala, stuffed milkfish, beef, papedom, red velvet cheese cake, mini pavlova, and pineapple.
Dinner at Fiesta Market, Market! Market! Mall.
Rice, sisig, and jackfruit masak lemak - 98 peso

Fiesta Market...

*hosted by Philippine Department of Tourism


Rose World said...

The breakfast is good. I saw the cheesecake.

Sharon D said...

Bestnyeeeee .....