July 4, 2017

Manila 2017 | Food on Day 4

Breakfast at The Marriott Cafe.
Rice, Itlog na Maalat, Tocino, honey ham, pita bread, baked tomatoes, tuna sushi, pistachio, kueh kosui, and 4 seasons juice.
*Lunch at Marriott Hotel, Manila.
Noodle, Lasagna, Chicken, fruits and chocolate cake.

*Dinner - Farewell dinner at Marriott Grand Ballroom
The most extravagant meal I ever had!
Kebab, piles of lobsters and prawns, scallops, crabs, mussels.
On-my-plate : sushi, mussel, crab and lobster that's bigger than the plate.

*hosted by Philippine Department of Tourism


Rose World said...

Indeed very luxurious buffet. Gosh. The seafood makes me salivating.

Sharon D said...

So yummy the food ... even the breakfast is interesting.